Naked & Pregnant In The Garden Part 4 – Nudist Garden Tour – Emilia Galotti

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Ákos left early this morning and will be away until the weekend You have to continue training at your company at the beginning of the year
We haven't even started a life together and she's already abandoned me
It was weird being alone in the apartment all day I spent the morning playing Explorer and going through every room and forgetting my thoughts dreaming about our life together
After four Bogi came over so I wouldn't be so bored We talked about all kinds of things and then the conversation started to take a little bit longer and before I knew it he was breathing down my neck He put his tongue in my pussy and I caressed my breasts and he plowed me all the way through With his fingers he went into the depths of my cave and excited with rapid movement In a few minutes my clitoris gave way to the game of tongue and I came gasping Then he stopped working with his fingers
We were enjoying the double bed of the bedroom He took off his own clothes and then he leaned over my mouth with his pussy and I went for it He was back with two fingers and I wasn't idle
I put two fingers in him excited his clitoris with my tongue and he blew up in my face His whole body was shaking and he came
I came up almost with him again and thanks to the perseverance of his fingers I came again It came at me with great force it was pouring out of my body and it paralyzed me for minutes It felt really good
I enjoy having sex with him as much as I enjoy having sex with Ákos Bogi is my best friend and what we have is more than friendship Our secret affair will make a dull day of life exciting and we will give each other a joy that no one else can
He came a few minutes after me His lustful juice was dripping down my wrist dripping into my face I pulled my fingers out of the throbbing pussy and I licked it I wanted to taste it in my mouth smell it in my nose
We were lying next to each other for a while and then she got dressed and left
The next morning I woke up to Mihi's phone call He called me because one of the old guys was kind of Into Me and he wanted an extra personal ride Of course I said no and I explained that it was over I will never please anyone again I love Ákos and he's important to me I'm not going to risk all this for a few florins He tried to convince me but I wouldn't let him and he finally understood
It made me nervous and frustrated but it also made me feel good to tell him the truth
I went over to my mom's for lunch and she took a few days off
It was nice to see you again talk to him spend some time at home I missed it but it was weirdly unusual It's the first time I've been home and I've just been visiting and it felt like it The feeling that was inside me all along was indescribable Anyone who's experienced something like this knows what I'm talking about Anyway it was nice to spend some time there again but when I came out the gate Mihi was waiting for me
He tried to convince me in person He spent minutes thinking about it trying to convince me The serenity and kindness that always came out of him and reassured me was not there She seemed upset upset and whatever I said she wouldn't leave me alone I was about to leave him when my uncle showed up and he surprised me by knowing him
They shook hands and talked for a few minutes and I just listened to them It was weird to see him and I didn't know what to do with it but I realized that Mihi really respected him and he might even be afraid of it I didn't understand that but I didn't care
After your conversation Mihi offered to give me a ride home and she said it was fine she understood He wished me luck and drove off
I breathed a sigh of relief and fell relieved on the large double which was empty
It's only been two days without Ákos and I've already found myself desperately missing him and all I can think about is wanting to see him again You can smell it kiss it touch it and cock in my pussy
We talked on the phone last night but it wasn't the same It felt really good to hear her voice but she wasn't there I was alone and all I wanted was for her to be there for me
The next day I woke up alone not at the alarm clock but at the knock
I staggered to the door in a nightgown It wasn't even 6: 00 in the morning I didn't understand why I had to barge in so early Who can't sleep?
I shuffled my slippers to the door Ákos told me that the upstairs neighbor sometimes gets stupid and makes up all kinds of crap You gotta shake it off gently and you don't have to take it seriously I was ready for him and I opened the door but out there it wasn't the old man it was two big guys I looked at them scared and I was gonna slam the door but one of them grabbed it I was easily knocked down pushed through the door tried to escape but I didn't stand a chance They put me in the kitchen caught me One of them kept my mouth shut so I wouldn't scream and the other one gave me some kind of shot that made me pass out


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