PublicAgent 18 year old gymnast fucks in gym changing rooms

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I was 17 I lived in a small town near Budapest with my parents when I fantasized about one of my classmates one day I didn't see much of her but she was in a group separation and I only saw her in English class and history and she was very beautiful Beautiful blonde curly hair blue eyes pretty body Her irresistible smile which she often did of course rarely to me I was a little embarrassed at the time so that woman was all over me My ideal is brown long hairet cetera 2: 00 that day he came up to the boys ' club on the break and we were just talking about some bullshit like we always do Unfortunately I've always found myself more mature than them but if there's nothing else and I'm inhibited then there's that He came up to me with a friend and I didn't even notice he was wearing a cute miniskirt that day I don't know what got into me but I told him how beautiful his legs were
He didn't seem embarrassed at all so he sat down on the bench next to me and the guys started whistling Which he must have been very impressed with for he went straight to my feet; he leaned on the bench and began to write his lesson Meanwhile we parted ways during the day Just as I was coming home to my dressing room to get my coat he was fiddling with the lock of his locker on the other side of the closet I haven't seen a single soul I stepped behind him and held his hand and I an idiot broke the key into the lock Suddenly he turned towards me and his face was very scary I thought he'd beat me there but all I could tell him was to run home and get a pair of pliers get the key out of the lock and come back Of course after that you can run over and get a key to your girlfriend's house and I'll make it up to you somehow however you want which I didn't mean "like that" at the time
We went to our house it was late autumn there was a puddle on the road and I was surprised how things were going and of course one more thing came in handy and she clashed her dress with a motor-driven mud He didn't care much he said it was common with him It's weird I thought to myself I walked him into the house and he was the first to enter everything and he noted how decent I was of course just so I could see his ass(that's why boys are so polite We got into the living room and I told him to sit down and I'd find a tool and we'd go back I got back early and then when he got up he noticed the chair was muddy and he asked me:
- Did I do this?
"Yes but I'll clean it up" I said
- About me? - he smiled
She went to the bathroom she saw because her door was wide open when we came in In the meantime I cleaned it up real quick so my moms wouldn't see it She finished early and I asked her:
- You ready to go?
- Yeah am I clean? She had a terrific ass and all I could say was that she was clean and I still knew what to clean As I said it he pushed me against the wall and kissed me on the lips He whispered in my ear that he had never wanted anyone so much that he wanted to get to know you better I thought to myself"it was about time" I didn't want any moreI was overwhelmed by my desire for her I caressed her ass under her miniskirt and she was clinging to my mouth with tremendous force and I could hardly breathe like a vacuum cleaner and I never thought I had a more perverted creature and I could hold her in my arms
I just squeezed as hard as I could But soon he was tired and that pleasure didn't last long because he let go of my mouth I asked her to let go of my waist with her legs because that was when it started to get awkward I told you to go to my room it's safer than here by the front door I locked the door and put it in my arms and took it up to my room I put it carefully on the double bed and I wanted to take off my coat for I had forgotten that he had sprang to my neck in a mad manner and pulled me down to the bed I put my weight on her she sighed so hard I thought her lungs were gonna burst Fortunately my hands only touched her panties not consciously I threw my coat off with great difficulty and he lifted up his top so I could access his breasts I began to lick her nipples like crazy from the bottom to the top and while I was working on one I was caressing the other
I always returned to his face and caressed him with flattering kisses and rummaged through his hair and listened to his lustful sighs She threw herself at me like a horny bitch just waiting for me to take her He held my hand clasped it and clenched me with his nails licked my whole torso And she moved her hips as fast as she could dancing on me And then he sat on my stomach and he started caressing his panties with this I tried to help him pull it down but I could only pull it down to his fine shaved hair in a strip and I could not pull it down my arms lost the strength of the sight and my blood had migrated from it He saw how miserable I was and he stood up and threw it off()


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