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P got up early in the morning He picked up his clothes in a hurry didn't want to be late for work In a matter of seconds he hurried his pants his shirt and hurried into the bathroom and shavedHe hated this morning's trouble with The Struts he would have let her go but his wife didn't like him much because they were always intimate with him always complaining that he was stabbing
P loved his wife so he went through this everyday activity without saying a wordHe drank his coffee out of a cup of coffee which he immediately offended because the hot black burned through his mouth and tongue
- Huh- he moaned painfully
He brushed his teeth quickly then snuck into the bedroom and breathed a kiss on his wife's face
"I'll be back tonight" he whispered
"Hello My Dear" said he in a low voice " take good care of yourself" And you know at night you promisedshe's trying to smile V She's slowly stroking her husband's pants
'Yes I look forward to it but I must go now' said P and after a long tongue kiss he freed himself from his wife's arms and rushed out to the front door He lifted his key from the little wooden box took umbrella's hand and then left the apartment
When he got to the car he was disappointed that he could not leave as quickly as he had planned for at least 20 cm of snow had fallen in the night
- Oh shit- he swore and then he opened it as fast as he could or at least he was trying to open the trunkI couldn't do itThen it occurred to him that there was also a snow scraper in the glove compartment
He quickly opened the door of the driver's seat and quickly went through the little lockA lot of unnecessary at least at this moment for P a lot of useless junk fell out of the hole but there's no trace of the scraperHe was digging through Duhosen and finally touched the hard plastic scraper with his fingersHe pulled it out and hit the windshield
A few minutes later the uveg got clean and P quickly jumped behind the wheel and started the engine at Rocket SpeedAs far as the snowy road allowed it it quickly turned from the parking lot in front of the House He had a long journey ahead of him at least in this weather He only had to make it 20 km because he worked in the next town as an ad graphic artistHe usually takes the bus but today he has to go out to two customers which is why he decided to take the car
He walked as far as the edge of town when he noticed that the gas had run outand the car stopped underneath
- Oh fuck - he hit the steering wheel hard
He made his decision right away He didn't stay there he picked up his stuff he drove the car off the road as far as he couldthen he locked it up and he stood out to try to wave someone down but nobody wanted to stop In the end when he had been standing in the cold for 15 minutes a green Opel slowed down by the side of the road The car was almost completely covered with snow only the windshield was cleaned and the windows On the side of the passenger side like the other side windows it was impossible to see because it was completely fogged up P had no idea who was stopping but he didn't care at all Before that there was only one goal: to get into his work as soon as possible he didn't even care that he probably had to borrow a car to go to the customers
He ran to the Opel and opened the door:
- Can I get a ride? - he asked
- Yeah sure
Mr P just took a look at who he was dealing with The Soke no was about 30 years old and his sweet face looked at P with a smile
- Something wrong with your car?- he asked politely
- Yeah "I'm out of gas" replied P suddenly laughing " What a jerk I am" I noticed that there was no oil and I passed a well this morning but I couldn't think of it
- How far are you going?"she asked after taking note of P's explanation with a smile
- Just next townIs that okay with you?
- Yeah sure That's where I'm headed
P's calmed down Now that he got into the heat and sucked in the pleasant smell of the carwhich came from the perfume on the rear-view mirror and the woman's fine Parfum he calmed down and was almost certain that he would make it
They were moving slowly Because there was a lot of traffic and the snow was falling it was very difficult for them to move forward P was getting restless in his place They didn't talk to each other for minutesFinally the woman broke the silence
- Are you often this forgetful?
'Oh no it's just that you know I should be running and I should be in there and it's completely wiped me out' said P trying to be polite but there was a little irritability in his voice against his will
- I'm sorry I'm a little nervous- he tried to explain
- Oh come on- it's okay I know what it's like to be late for work
P was beginning to realize he wasn't going to make it in timeHe was getting used to it so he had the opportunity to examine the habit of picking it up()


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