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One night we were supposed to go to a house party My wife and I had a falling out this afternoon so we were pretty cranky until tonight and we didn't even negotiate We were ready we called a cab and we left It was a party at a friend's houseI didn't really care turns out he didn't even invite girls because it was a bachelor party so my date was the only woman in the room with ten guys We felt a little weird at first but we were reassured that everyone would behave fairly Since we were in enough trouble I didn't really care so I went out for a drink with some of the guys in the kitchen It's been a while I've been thinking that I've been out almost all the time and the rest of them keep changing and I'm always drinking with someone else so I'm totally drunk I went into the living room where the party was going well In the Twilight I fell into the corner and watched the others My wife was dancing in the middle of the room with the boys I just saw how sexy she is She was wearing a black top and her breasts were almost popping out a black skirt cut on the black side a black lace combfix and a pair of heels I didn't realize how provocative he was but he looked damn good At that time she was 30 years old she lost weight after childbirth round buttocks nice round breasts muscular long legs In sex she's a wildcat she took on almost everything I'm guessing the fight this afternoon is why you're dressed so provocatively to pick me It was a slow song and they were competing for it She was dancing with one of the young guys and I saw her put her hips into it The boy caressed her ass through the skirt and then reached up her skirt and then lifted it up and massaged her butt There was a black thong on my sweetheart and the boy's movements didn't seem to bother him The others who had not yet passed out gathered around them slowly as spectators I've been watching from the twilight It didn't bother me it got excited he stood behind another guy and pulled up his blouse and took care of his breasts I was wondering how far you'd go
He started petting their virility through the jeans and kissing the opposite man The man behind her kissed her neck and pulled the blouse off While she was stroking her tits the other one got rid of her skirt and panties She was dancing in a black femur and a pair of black toenails Her pussy was shaved to fit It was incredibly hot Meanwhile the others gathered around them and began to undress A few minutes later all the boys other than the drunks were naked and they surrounded my wife with a boner He grabbed two guys ' manhood started beating them up as he leaned forward and a third guy started sucking So he offered himself up from behind His round Tushy and pussy opened up One of them started licking her pussy fingering her pussy caressing her breasts That's when the first orgasm occurred Then from the back they took turns fucking His butt was clapping moaning screaming but they didn't spare him He was sucking on the cock that was coming his way Three of them came one by one into her pussy One of the boys sat down on a chair My wife walked up to him with her back to him and then he got in his dick That's how he rode in front of the others One of them who had the most masculinity and shoved it in his mouth He's not likely to have seen anything this bighe was at least 5 '4" He just took his acorn and stroked it with his hand and then this boy laid down on a couch and pulled my sweetheart out of his eyes As he sat on it he took the giant dick in almost an instant it was so wet He was moving on it and I could see he was enjoying it There was another behind him and he didn't have a much smaller dick He began to push it slowly into my wife's buttocks I was surprised you put up with it because you didn't like it so much All the sperm he had on him made him lubricated so he soon got his dick in his ass They fucked her pretty hard for a long time and my wife screamed and moaned and enjoyed a lot in the sandwich The two boys were enjoying themselves almost at the same time one in the pussy the other in the ass The back pulled out and spilled some sperm The ones who were able to fight again two of them still fucked his ass After that my sweetheart was escorted to the bathroom and bathed From the sounds of it some of them even fucked her there
Except for the toenails she came back completely naked He got down on his knees smiled gratefully and then gave me a fantastic blow job Meanwhile someone from behind started pushing him again By the way he always had someone on his mind until morning Someone's been sleeping all over the apartment When I woke up this morning he was sleeping between two guys holding one of their dicks in his hand They woke up a few minutes later the guy was lying on my wife and he fucked her real quick I couldn't imagine how she could make love all night He took another bath got dressed and we left
We walked home and talked about the night He asked me if I was jealous I told you I didn't think he was such a go-getter but sometimes you can afford to relax He said he enjoyed it at least 30 times
We've had an orgy like this several times since then but she hasn't had sex with so many guys at once


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