Slaves Nature Walk

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Summer heat flooded the square root square It's not uncommon for such a start in September and we feel even more unbearable when the New Year is on our shoulders
We sat in silence on the flattened bench - for three days in between hours and afternoons discussing the summer experiences of whom we belonged-gazing at the girls passing by the railing
It's a little past noon We haven't even eaten the delicious and abundant circled menu of the cafeteria trying to get used to the city's air as foreign introspective fresh classmates
Tibi was the only local resident among us the rest of us were either students or college students but he in solidarity stared into the void with the same bored image as US
Although I was not accepted into the dorm because the family was deemed outstanding financially did not justify this extraordinary discount: the cost of my studies at home was just as bad as the cost of doing large shopping out of thin air in the second half of the month But that's another story
- We could go for a ride - I suggested it after a while squirming I've never been able to sit still for long
- Let's go see the girls - that's what Tibi said
Sanyi spread his arm which basically meant: why take a step there are as many girls here as we can catch with our flat eyes
It seemed to me that the initiative had failed but I was not in the mood to wander alone
- There's a place after the bridge - Pause for action I felt that Tibi would not describe the beauty of the landscape "In the summer nudists cover her and then college girls go out to sunbathe
Undivided attention and enthusiasm
- How far is it? "Sanyi inquired and rising from the bench he took two steps to the left"
"If you go that way then very very far" said Tibi pointing to the right " for you must go that way"
Walking through unpopular sandy beaches and yellow nursery vegetation lasted at least 20 minutes
- I'm not sure they're there "Tibi noted several times but the heat proved unbroken
On the basis of his temperament and his poor experiences he imagined the bodies of women he regarded as ideal in the sand and as if they were running away we rushed the procession If we had compiled the conversation which girls we'd like to see naked we could summarize your wish as follows: never mind
We're off the narrow road on the dam
"After the Bush" said Tibi
Sanyi who was running from the front as if he was afraid that there would not be enough for everyone suddenly stopped and as in the unexpectedly stopping bus we fell behind him
I didn't know what to look at on the dead spot
Far away but apparently without clothes there were four girls Two of them were flat on some sort of towel and they were reading or studying and he moved his knees up to a song and the fourth sitting down spoke something in the direction of a next bush
Five From behind the low sparse plants came another girl whose uniform brownness was evident and joined the sliders Any one of us would have liked to switch roles with the towels on the floor Or at least they'd be closer Or we could get closer but it seemed risky for us to go all the way down the coast They'd run away or at least get dressed by the time we get there
We looked at the concave backs the bulging butts our eyes climbed up every hill and looked into every crevice The most exciting part was the sight of the knees closing and opening when we imagined what we could see from the front
A piece of music found us and we could hear their voices without understanding what they were saying Sanyi whispered with his head raised and his nostrils expanded:
- Smells like pussy
It would have been nice to smell them because that means we'd be a lot closer to naked bodies
The girls followed the unwritten rules of sunbathing by the water which had not yet been discovered by others before me: those who lie have the soles of those who sit the faces of those who sit
Tibi turned blindly on his heels and seemed to climb up to the charge describing a large circle he approached the sunroom from the other side Our shoes were filled with hot sand
We felt it was only a few meters away from the excitement We really felt a swarm of pleasant smells when we took the last steps We were not afraid to be heard I believe the sound of our footsteps was absorbed by the sand and their music was loud enough But we didn't see anything inside the U-shaped vegetation
If we stick our heads out of the bushes we'll find ourselves in the company of the girls We looked at each other shrugged our shoulders wondered silently


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