Public Disgrace

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1 Part B
When I was 17 I went on vacation to my dad's for two weeks in the country My parents divorced years ago and since then we've been living our lives Isn't that what I was thinking when my mom asked me on a sleepy morning if I wanted to go on vacation? It's a very specific way to go on vacation but since I didn't have a better idea and I thought it would kill me to go home anyway why not? The first problem may have been upon arrival When I got off the train Catherine was waiting for me instead of my father Catherine was my father's partner they'd been together for five years Like most kids I didn't get along with foster parents and that was true for us She was fine she was always really nice and helpful but I just couldn't seem to look at her that way By the way she was a 38-year-old woman with long blond hair blue eyes hourglass body It might be a little wider than usual but it looked really good on her He got a tight round butt and medium-sized pear breasts The truth is I totally understood my father's choice Sometimes I thought about what it was like in bed but I can't even think about it and I said to myself and I let it go He kindly took me in for a hug and a kiss and then we went home We got into a friendly little chitchat on the way even though he was asking a lot of questions about me what I was doing how I was if there was a girlfriend etc I tried to answer nicely because I didn't want to hurt her feelings When we got home I packed up and got a nice lunch Then I went to bed and got a good night's sleep I woke up at the sound of my father's voice and a moment later he opened the room and greeted me with a smile then we'll talk about dinner We went to sleep I went to the bathroom in the dark last night When I came back from my father's room there were faint moans I knew exactly what kind of moans these were and I knew who they were coming from Catherine was the owner of the voices and she seemed to be doing just fine I didn't dare stand there any longer I rushed back and went to bed I tried to sleep but all I could think about was Catherine and what could happen in that room So thinking about it I fell asleep This morning I heard my dad leaving for work at 5: 30 and I went to sleep in peace knowing it was still early What came next wasn't what I expected When I came out of the room and walked down to the kitchen Catherine was making lunch But what I saw then left my mouth open Catherine was cooking in an apron wearing nothing but an apron When he saw me he greeted me kindly and offered me a seat I was astonished to see him set the table nicely for me and put breakfast in front of me all topless in fact And then of course he started talking to me like it was all natural and normal When he got to the point where he didn't need the apron he took it off and sat down at the table with a drink I was sitting there with a pencil and a naked woman at the table and all I could do was stare at her tits They were huge with nice round pink yard I couldn't speak I was very embarrassed Luckily her cell phone rang so she went to pick it up So I made a couple of sandwiches and ran them up to my room like a shy little boy In the middle of the day I'd never leave the roomI'd only stick my head out once or twice to snoop around I've seen you cook mos clean do what women do but all naked One minute I saw her pussy but I couldn't watch it for long so I hid back in the room I couldn't take it anymore at 2: 00 and went to the bathroom I was surprised because he was dressed by now I didn't understand anything Maybe he wanted something from me Later one of my many questions was answered by my father himself who asked me if I liked the view I was scared but he told me it was a pleasant or unpleasant habit for Catherine "A room nudist" he said reassured me not to be afraid of anything and not to be so shy with him He then poked me in the side and said that I would rather enjoy the view than see it often at home The rest of the conversation is irrelevant The next day the sound of the vacuum cleaner woke me up I was looking at my watch that said 9: 30 As I stepped out into the hallway I found her naked outside the door again The only thing on it was the vacuum cleaner I froze again One word didn't come out of my mouth Like before he's the one who initiated it
- Morning Sleepyhead - he said it nicely - Did you sleep well?
"Yes quite well" I replied with great difficulty
- I see you're still upset to see me like this even though your dad said he talked to you about it
- Yeah we talked about it - I replied still moaning
- Then could you be a little more free or am I bothering you? - he asked I was going to say yes but a voice on my lips didn't come out much But my eyes must have betrayed me because he went on like this


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