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I'm a 22-year-old girl a little big but luckily that's not a problem I have a lot of friends I have a lot of social life I'm in all kinds of programs I don't say no to almost anything To put it simply I like living :)
At the beginning of summer on a weekday in the morning I had nothing to do and I decided to go swimming I like to move so on some level I keep myself up After taking several lengths I was sleeping by the pool when a man in his mid-30s sat down next to me and we started talking I found him intelligent and I even liked him because he was not a thin figure :) he had a tall muscular wide chest and even stubble which is my weakness We had a nice talk and then week after week we ran into each other on the same days and we always had a nice chat
A month ago he called me to see if I could come up for dinner and a little chat I was surprised because there was no such thing and I really didn't know more about it than a friend from the swimming pool but I accepted the invitation I got all dressed up I put on a short black skirt with a nice neat red blouse black neckchairs and high heels I put on a touch of makeup picked up my favorite perfume fixed my hair and I was about to leave when she called to send a taxi for me In fact I was glad to hear that very gallant gesture because she lived a long way from me
When I got there he was waiting for me he paid for the cab he kissed my hand he was very polite I came to a beautiful apartment through a large tastefully organized front yard He helped me with my coat and offered me a seat in the living room In addition one of the walls of the room was made of glass giving a wonderful view of the city I could hardly conceal my surprise the whole sight was very impressive Next thing I knew he was sitting next to me with two glasses of champagne one of which was held out to me and as our glasses rang together I saw a vague smile on his face We had a little chat and fortunately despite the breathtaking environment we were still able to discuss everyday events in the same cheerful and freeness When the Champagne had already affected both of us we went to the kitchen where there was a table set in style He served the delicious scented duck roast with red wine sauce poured a proper wine and we ate this lovely dinner opposite each other I was getting more and more relaxed and the alcohol was making it more personal
When I left I didn't know exactly how the night was gonna end but I thought that once you live you have to be open to everything After dinner we sat back on the large leather sofa in the living room with two glasses of champagne I had a great time and I was completely relaxed when he rubbed my hand on my hand and then gently slowly down the forearm from my elbow to my shoulder back to the back of my neck up on my head and when I was ready to give myself to him he squeezed my ponytail pulling my head back completely
- You like it bitch? "he asked and again that smile came across his face like the first time we had a drink" I was so scared it wasn't the sequel I was expecting My throat was dry I couldn't answer I just wanted to get out of his strong grip but he wouldn't let me The more I tried the harder he held my hair and with his other hand he began to stroke my opening neck When he touched my blouse he wasn't subtle he just ripped it off me exposing my red bra
- You have beautiful breasts when I first saw him at the pool I wanted to touch him but I think this is the right moment - he said and he took my breasts out of place He began to crumble the nipples and then still holding my head back he began to suck them hard They're very sensitive so in this vulnerable situation it's led to a tear in the corner of my eye He didn't see me he didn't really listen to me he just cared about my boobs When he stopped he stood up and since he still had my hair I couldn't help it When I saw my face he was smiling so I guess my smirked-up eye shadow gave me away
- You're getting prettier "he whispered" and that black makeup that's flowing makes me more excited" - He pushed me down by my hair and I started crying in this humiliating situation
"Cry you little whore and you will only please me" he said taking out his belt unzipping his fly and opening up to me a huge prickly phallus
- Now it's time for you to pamper me Suck it - he did but I just stood up in defiance and tried to get up Before I could do it he pushed me back kneeled in front of me and gave me two big slaps


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