Woman fingered in middle of Train

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The day was very happy and we'd tease and kiss
- Look at the size of that gut "Piri cried in the stable pointing to one of the horses"
- Jesus Christ - I did
- It's amazing isn't it?
- Yes it is
- Have you ever thought of animals? 'Cause I'd like to try the guts
- Oh come on
- I don't know Look at this prick There's no such thing as a guy - as he approached the horse he began to grab his large tool - That's right in my pussy
- You know
That's all that's left now because we had a lot of work to do around the House Last night I couldn't stop thinking about my girlfriend until I told her about my little girl thing Now that I knew Piri's attraction to guts it was easier
( I think the beginning of the story is not for Public publication but you have already read the sequel )
Piri listened to the story in amazement my father Fuck you I'll bet - he followed me with insults Of course the puss and the next game is still on
I look up and I see Pistike standing at the end of the bed I couldn't tell you from the surprise
- Are you gonna let me in?
- You little maggot What do you think you're doing? Get out of here now - I heard from the nice nurse
- All right  I'm sure the boys and Dad will like what I have to say when they come home
- What's your story?
- I'll tell you about the dorm and what you did here
- Were you listening you pig?
- You could say that
There was a longer silence I felt like I had to move on
- All right show me what you want in on
- What's that?
- Get your cock out if you want something
Pisti took off his shorts without saying a word His pecker stood like a pin It wasn't big but it was cute It's funny how I first saw a boy's genitals
- That's not gonna be enough for your sister Come on let's see something come on the bed and do what you did when you were eavesdropping
Pisti stepped on the bed and started massaging his penis Piri was still upset but he was still watching his brother's action All of a sudden Pisti trembled and whitish streaks of whitish fluttered from his penis were flying all over the place including us because we were sitting across from him
- You could have told me you prick - Piri said and then he started laughing
- Go outside please - I told you after we calmed down
We talked to Piri about what to do and then we called him back
- Okay we'll cut you in but we make the rules and you always do what we say Okay?
- Sure I will
- All right let's see what you can do Lick my pussy first
The guy jumped between my legs obediently but he was clumsy
- Piri show him how to do it
- All right
Piri pulled over pointed explained and it got more and more pleasant for me Together they finally managed to help me to enjoy myself
Piri didn't want her brother to touch her so the little guy in the corner watched me satisfy his sister again
- All right you're next - I waved to Pisti-it's time to taste a boy's penis
I crouched Pisti stood in front of me I grabbed the little skinny sausage and started tasting it It was exciting Piri just looked didn't say anything and Pisti was breathing
- Am I doing okay buddy?
- Good
I had plenty of room in my mouth for a little toy I sucked like a lollipop He lasted longer than he did the first time but I finally got my mouth on him I enjoyed tasting the new stuff and I didn't mind the taste
That was good girls - the little guy called and left the room
After a while Piri said " How was it?"
- Taste?
- Yeah
- Interesting but I like it You will too
- But fuck my brother?
- I didn't know you were so arrogant
- I'm not I'll do it tomorrow
- I'll take a look at that
I had a good night's sleep This morning Piri woke me up with a kiss but I got this in my mouth Of course I didn't miss the sequel either


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