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He stood on the terrace with his head on his hands and looked far away The sound of the house party almost didn't reach his ears even though the neighbor was moaning that he couldn't sleep The only thing he noticed was her elbow on the railing
- Well it's another house party
- Again
She smiled and he cleared her throat
- Remember?
- I remember
That party was a long time ago for them because they're still young Thirteen years It's a long time for them
- We were young
- They are
There was a big gathering that summer It was with the man's family then the boy They took advantage of what every teenager is taking advantage of the fact that the boy's parents have gone out for the first time in a long time So they invited all the friends they had a big family and a lot of friends The girl was there there was nothing surprising about it they grew up with the boy and his brothers They had a strange bond that started when the boy's family moved here The little girl at the time was moping at their fence kneeling next to the Big Walnut Tree cut out for street opening His grandfather died a few days ago and he was his only friend No matter how friendly he was the other kids he tried to play with he always hurt him And then suddenly he was alone He wept for the walnut tree for he knew what loss was and that beloved tree that fell to the ground added to the sorrow He fell down the street like a hunting cat when he could hunt down someone he could be friends with who he could say he was sorry to Who if he can't make up for it can at least fill a little hole in his heart That's how she saw one of the boy's sisters and talked to him
He remembered they didn't like her at first He was a whiner like a real - grandfather-grandson What was good about it was that it was easy to embarrass him with all kinds of phone calls They didn't miss any The little girl having no grandfather began to go out on her own hurt by the comments and taunts she put on her but then she and the sister went out and talked about the stupid brothers
Then as they grew she grew strong The boy was at the forefront when it came to embarrassing the adolescent girls However the girl was no longer in debt and soon the audience was greeted with hard words-but rather in a friendly match They were like playful puppies They went in and out of each other and then they looked innocent and then they bit again
He remembered what she was becoming Her hips were wide her breasts were small but her shapely ass drew attention to herself He was already living the rampant lives of teenage boys partying booze and girls Yes the girls He was lucky to have women on him He said something about talking a girl out of her panties
Meanwhile she became more incomprehensible more mysterious They hooked up teased each other the same way but she never showed up with the boys He didn't understand He suspected she might be in love with him but he wouldn't even admit it to himself
She also smiled and thought back to herself at the time It wasn't easy for him in school he got hurt there so he woke up in the dac He was different from the others but then he got even more Is everybody boys? Well it's not gonna matter to him Why? boys are trouble She didn't want to cry in the bathroom this morning because the day after her "boyfriend" party she was walking around holding hands with another girl And while the other girls were building her female self-esteem with more and more guys she was growing more and more male He had boyish hobbies drilling climbing trees shooting bows And most of all he did it with his street friends He looked up to the boy in fact maybe he had a girlish infatuation he wanted to be like him " if he was born a boy But unfortunately he wasn't born that way - and everything's easier for them They are allowed to move on easier to let go anywhere: see they can pick up as many girls as they want but they are not branded And the dac remained At this point he was getting bullied for not believing he didn't want a friend
Not now not now not ever He was wearing jeans a shirt or a top and he was lifting weights just like his friends did He had a strong back a plaid stomach admired but not for his femininity which he knowingly suppressed
At that party - god it's been so long the boy was sixteen he was fifteen - the boys called him over and started poking him in the left-free belly How muscular he is how tight he is It felt good to him just like it did to everyone who worked for their body Maybe that was the first time you felt how much you liked the boys ' compliments


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