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Of all sexual techniques kunnilingvation and fellatio can be considered the most common and widespread either as foreplay leading to intercourse or complete sexual intercourse These two techniques represent the high point of sexual relations in homosexuals (both sexes) and in most heterosexual couplesThe enjoyment of stimulation of the genitals with the mouth is often much more intense than the pleasure of intercourse In addition intercourse in the case of heterosexual couples is only a short end to the long stimulation of the genitals with the mouth If they do it right this technique can keep partners in pre-orgasm tension that couples often prefer more than orgasmsThe traces of kunnilingvation and fellatio can be found in all ancient civilizations (Egypt Greece Ancient Rome) but many centuries have not been enough to lift the taboos condemning the stimulation of the genitals with the mouthUnfortunately male and female genitalia are still more or less regarded as impure areas of the body that should not be looked upon touched or taken in the mouthThe first thing couples wishing for joyful sex should deal with is these false ideasKissing or licking a partner's genitals should be a natural desire and a shared pleasure Cunnilingation and fellatio are manifestations of love In addition to making you feel very comfortable these techniques also allow you to achieve orgasm Men and women can best demonstrate and enhance their sex driveOral intercourse also gives pleasure when one partner is unable to make love for some reason The method may be used for example in menstruating women or men who are too tired or in circumstances where vaginal intercourse is difficult or painfulWomen who have experienced kunnilingvitation with a technologically skilled partner will no longer be able to imagine making love without kunnilingvation and they want to start making love with it at all timesWomen who become experts in the art of fellatio can be sure of their partner's loyalty: a man can be kept best through his sensesYoung women who are at the beginning of their sexual experience or who are raised by strict moral standards sometimes develop fear or prude reflexes that inhibit the free will of oral sex At the same time these circumstances also make a woman shy to show her genitalia to her partner and to see (the man) being treated with the male genitalia That's why in most cases women close their eyes This is not a good solution as making love can be seen as a show show which does not require lights but a filtered light is absolutely necessaryThese shy and prude ladies may be advised to wear masks covering their faces between the nose and the forehead The mask gives them the impression that the partner can't see them The mask helps a shy woman to relax and be braveA man who's engaged in kunnilingvision with a woman in a mask feels he's infiltrating the innermost secrets of a stranger And when this "stranger in disguise" lady takes a man's genitals into her mouth the mask gives a little picanteria to the man's image of the sceneThis is an example of how a little erotica can enhance loveThe last important point is that kunnilingvation and fellatio are physically soothing activities for both partners With these techniques you can get a lasting pleasure without any difficultyLet us now discuss how these oral methods can achieve maximum satisfactionKunnilingvation


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