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When Anna entered the store she had no idea what was going to happen to her this day True he had a rather provocative appearance but that was not out of his nature He had always been in a tight miniskirt a tight cut - out blouse and this attire emphasized his long shapely legs thin waist and tight breasts which embossed his dress like a pair of large watermelons Anna did not mind that men were always staring at her and even enjoyed it when some of them had ventured further Often at the beach or at the disco but even on the street they get accosted they make an offer and they even try "near the body" things It was no stranger to him for he was not only proud of his body his appearance but also very fond of sex This is of course only one of the reasons why she often changes her partners and the other reason is that most men could not handle the pace she set - Anna would spend hours making love every day - and there is a slight perversion in her which not all men receive with undivided enthusiasm In addition to the fact that Anna was willing to do almost everything in sex - which was generally loved by men - whether it was a blow job or a butt - fuck or group sex Ann was involved in everything-she had some S & M tendencies which however would require a suitable partner
Anna was surprised to find that the shop was empty and then thinking that the shopkeeper had just run out she slowly walked around and looked He stopped occasionally took a closer look at a more attractive item of clothing and then continued to look He didn't even realize that a man had turned up behind his back and locked the front door The only thing he noticed was a deep voice behind him:
- Can I help you with something ?  Anna suddenly turned around and found herself directly in front of a man in his 40s tall black hair He stepped back covering his first fear felt his back against a rack full of clothes
'I'm just looking thank you' he replied The man had a strange expression in his eyes which frightened her a little He slowly turned away and went towards the door
'There's no hurry' said the man with a strange smile on his face and he went after her - Maybe I could give you something you'd like  Anna's terror grew as the door held down the door Suddenly he looked around looking for a way to escape He reached out to her and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her to him
'Leave me alone please' whispered Anna - Please don't hurt me let me go Maybe we should meet sometime but I'm afraid I'm expected
- Don't worry I won't hurt you 'I don't want anything bad for you' said the man with a smile and suddenly his mouth was on Anna's lips The girl did not dare to resist and remained motionless to be kissed by the man but closed her lips tightly He held her tightly with one arm and with the other hand he reached up her skirt from behind touching her butt crack with his finger under the tiny panties Anna though she had not yet overcome her terror felt subconsciously that she was almost enjoying it As he kissed her neck she began to turn on Anna with her eyes closed her lips clenched waited motionless for what would happen Then he suddenly grabbed her and held her close to him and took her with big feet to the warehouse Anna tried to hoist but he held her so tight that she could barely move she could barely breathe The man kicked the door of the warehouse with his foot and carried the frightened girl inside Anna did not see what was behind her but felt that he had suddenly dropped her on a wide sofa Before he knew it the man quickly clocked his wrists with a pair of leather - lined handcuffs the other end of which was fastened to the back of the bed with a metal frame
At that time Anna was really frightened and her feet began to heave vigorously and shout for help He smiled ominously and suddenly stuffed a piece of cloth in her mouth and then sat on her legs handcuffed them to the bed Anna lay there with her hands and legs spread and couldn't even cry out from a rag stuffed in her mouthbut she moaned big The man slowly pushed Anna's tight miniskirt up her waist and then pulled a scalpel out of her pocket Anna had a look of terror in her eyes Then the man cut the strap of her panties in a quick motion dragging his finger through the pussy hair The scalpel slowly moved up next to the girl's body with a few quick cuts removing her blouse Anna shuddered as the cool blade touched her skin for a moment but did not dare to move()


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