Contraband Smuggler

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Cathy glanced out of the window of the plane into the clouds that were passing her In a few minutes they'll be landing in Charlotte North Carolina and your freedom will finally begin Actually it wasn't a real vacation because Cathy's going to be working the next few weeks as a mix of housekeeper-baby-sitters But both the kids you're supposed to be looking after are 18 years old so it's not a big job Plus he knew Joanna and Stan from before Because Cathy – Katharina actually nobody called her that-had worked as an au pair for the Stevensons five years before At the time the twins were quite nice children sometimes a little presumptuous but not in an extraordinary way It was a good time and everyone was sad when Cathy went back to Germany to continue her studies But the connection was not severed during that time
That's why Mr And Mrs Stevenson Cathy when they were planning a longer stay abroad and they were looking for someone to look after the house and the children Cathy welcomed the offer because she had just finished her studies and wanted some time off before she started working
After Customs had been completed Cathy stopped with two cases on the terminal's arrival side He looked around tense I wonder who's coming for him Mr He was looking for Stevenson's form but there was no sign of him Instead he was looking at a young tall man He seemed reluctant for a moment and then he went to her
- Cathy?
- Yes it's me Wow Stan I didn't recognize you - he hugged the boy and then he took a step back - You've grown No wonder I didn't realize it was you
- Come on Give me your bags The car's outside
On the way out they continued to speak English and Stan was wondering how the trip was
- It was all right the movie on the plane was boring but that's not why you travel - he was giggling  Cathy suddenly went silent
– Is this your car?  he pointed to the Red Corvette that they stopped before
This time Stan giggled
- Well it's mine It's sort of an advance graduation present But Dad combined it with my birthday because he knew I wouldn't have a problem with exams Joanna had to wait a little longer but a few days ago she had something standing outside her door
Cathy was curious to see the vehicle while Stan was busy loading the two cases into the little trunk But somehow they did and they went At first they were still talking until Cathy got tired It was only early in the evening but he was five hours early and the journey was too much So he leaned back pulled his sunglasses on his eyes and closed his eyes
Stan didn't regret it because now he finally had a chance to get a good look at Cathy without bothering her
Cathy may have reached her eyes so she was about five feet seven inches tall or about three feet 70 as Europeans count The girl's red hair was roughly up to her chest which was nicely drawn under her summer blouse It was relatively loose-cut but he had a good sense of curvature Stan thought it was a C-cup Maybe 75 C? He wasn't quite surehe had to wait until the next morning to be sure 'Cause I bet he'd see Cathy in a bikini when he was sunbathing Because he did the same thing five years ago when he didn't care much about it You'll get a chance to admire her ass What you had a brief look at before as Cathy got in but what you saw was promising
Damn it he's got to watch the fronthe was driving the car And slightly too fast He turned his gaze reluctantly from the pretty redhead next to him and again focused entirely on the road
So he didn't realize that the sweep wasn't against Cathy And he didn't see the sly smile on her lips as she fell asleep
Dinner was good Mr Stevenson was grilling and then they sat in the living room talking over a bottle of wine Stan and Joanna used to sneak away probably watch TV or go on the internet
You took advantage of Mr Stevenson needs to clear some organizational stuff up with Cathy
- So technically they're both pretty independent For us it's about not having wild parties while we're away We've had a few cases in our circle of friends There's no problem with a little celebration but it's really just a solid one If you lose control don't hesitate to involve the police But I'm sure you can handle them both
Mrs Stevenson nodded in a positive way
 We've also compiled a list of tasks that need to be taken care of Just make sure they do it all right Juanita comes in on Wednesdays and Fridays to clean up and the pool has someone from the cleaning company coming in every two weeks


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