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In the narrow corridor of a dark Hospital in front of the O R A young girl cried Your mother was floating between life and death She had an emergency surgery but she knew it wouldn't save her life Unfortunately he didn't have the money to save his life and Social Security refused to cover the costs too risky He was wondering if he could get the doctor to operate In his mind he didn't even realize that his mother had been pushed out of surgery He ran after the doctor with tears in his eyes
- Doctor
- I can't talk right now
- How's my mother? - he asked desperately
The whole time he was chasing after the doctor he realized it wasn't a very good question because he knew how he was while you were thinking about it the Doctor disappeared from your sight A nurse passing by found out which office belongs to the doctor He came through the door without knocking The young handsome doctor turned angrily towards him:
- Haven't you learned manners? "he asked flegman but did not pay attention to the troubled girl"
- Doctor I'm asking you very nicely to save my mother's life I never ask anyone for anything but you're my last hope I'll do anything just help me - he begged for it barely audible
The doctor's eyes lit up but he pretended to be cold as he went round the table
- Miss Even if I overlook your disrespect there's nothing I can do Rules are rules
- But I don't have any money - she sighed
- Then there's nothing I can do Good-bye
'I'm not going anywhere until you change your mind Doctor of Timisoara' said she firmly
There was no sign of her tears
- Then I'll have security take him
- I don't care
 What did you say you were willing to do for the surgery? - the doctor kept beating around the Bush
 Anything just please help me
- Even if I could use it?
- You want me to sleep with you? - she asked in shock
- Well that could happen But it may be the worse - he entered dangerously close to the doctor - Are you willing to do anything?
- Yes "she whispered in the hope that the young doctor would really help"
- I can't hear you
"Yes" he said again
- What's your name bitch? - it's stuck in her hair
The boyish charm just disappeared from his face There was no answer to the questionshe didn't see it coming at all The doctor slapped him
- I said what's your name?
"Sabina" she said
He was trying to get out of the doctor's grip
- Doctor Let me go please
- You should have thought about what it means to make promises that are irresponsible You stay here and do as I say Is that clear?
There was no answer to that question and Sabina was terrified
- That's fine with me You'll learn to answer questions Sooner or later you'll pay for your disrespect and insolence Strip
But she still refused to comply He wanted to get out as soon as possible The doctor put her against the wall and started ripping her clothes off She was practically naked The doctor reached between his legs and Sabina screamed
- Oh look at you That little bitch likes to be touched
- Gabor please - he tried to be nice to Sabina but she only did the opposite
- Who said You could call me by my first name bitch? Don't you have any respect? I am your master and you are my servant Anyway your rap sheet is long enough now I can think about your punishment all day I just can't deal with you right now I'm so hungry for a good fuck But no matter what's late it won't stop
Sabina thought the doctor would let her go But it's not Gábor pushed him into the back of his office and ordered him to:
 Lie on your back and spread your legs
Sabina no longer dared to resist she was overcome with mortal fear Gábor first tied his ankles wide open to the bed then his wrists close to him Instead of a rope around his chest and hips he had a thick strap and he could barely breathe He also had a rope around his neck the end of which first hung freely behind his head and then weights were placed on him Sabina started choking but she was still breathing Gábor took out wooden tweezers and fastened them to her labia and then he folded it and taped the tweezers to his thigh with a strong band-aid At first it didn't seem so bad it just got a weird chill in her pussy but then the whole thing started throbbing and burning Sabina had tears in her eyes
- Gabor please "he whispered in a low voice but the boy ignored the plea"
- First of all You only talk when I tell you to And second of all you don't call me Gábor You Call Me Sir and you don't Call Me By My first name you address me with profound and determined respect And you will be humble()


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