Best positions of the world 2 (part 1)

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One time I was talking to my old girlfriend it kind of got to sex I may have been in a more communicative mood but I mentioned to him my old desire to be a woman's sex toy not her obedient servant but her bound and willing toy (Bea also knew my passion for women's legs I've complimented his leg enough) He then came up with a surprising statement
- I know a guy who likes that type of guy He hates the slobbery ones but he likes to be in charge If you're serious I can talk to him
 I'm really interested in this but it's not gonna be a beating ' cause I don't care
- I know I know you so well
Then the conversation passed on to other topics and we soon said goodbye About a week later Bea called me
- If you can clear your schedule by Saturday They're waiting for you
- Who Why where?
- Don't play dumb Well that's the guy we were talking about the other day Who loves tied up boys
I admit I didn't have much hope for it so it was hard to understand
 Saturday's fine but I didn't think it would work out How long do I have?
- I think at least until Sunday Well Saturday morning at 8: 00 I'll pick you up in the car Until then be good
On Saturday morning I sat in the little Fiat with a great deal of anticipation
- Good Morning - Good Morning Where are we going?
- Don't be so curious Tíme And he wanted you to have this - He gave me a thin black handkerchief - Cover your eyes with it
It was weird but it was really hot I blindfolded myself and Bea was very serious about checking to see if she was properly blindfolded He tickled me at the end I jumped by surprise
- Now we can go  After about 10 or 15 minutes of driving we arrived somewhere Bea helped me out of the car and led me to a stairwell
- Put your hands behind your back - Cold metal on my wrist I was shocked to learn that he handcuffed my hand behind my back After that almost completely helpless I let myself drive We got in an elevator and headed up
All of a sudden Bea's hand just rubbed me over my pants by my penis Since I didn't give a damn about what happened before it was pretty tough I did not expect this turn at all I was surprised to retreat but in the narrow elevator I had little choice
 Bea what are you doing?
- What you're scared Don't worry I was just wondering what it was like to touch a boy so badly that he couldn't take advantage of him It's not badmaybe we'll talk about it again You'll tell me what you did though  He kept stroking my penis and then stopped when the elevator stopped We got out and he rang the doorbell I felt insanely helpless
- Hey guys - Um your voice sounds nice - Hi - hi
 Hey Timi I got your patient - We're on our way in Bea steered me into a room and then sat me down on the floor Then he used another clamp to attach my hand to the heating pipe And then to my great surprise I got a kiss on the lips and then he took off the blindfold I saw a standard housing bathroom around me
- Hey what was that? - his finger on my mouth asked for silence
- I took advantage of the situation Timi asked you to be quiet he's got some work to do he'll be back But you're free now aren't you? I'll pick you up Sunday morning - He left me in a strange place I heard some conversation from outside then silence after the sound of good-bye I didn't dare tell youI knew I was the worst of it
It must have been about half an hour before I heard someone using the adjacent toilet and then the door opened and entered Tímea Tall athletic but thin girl standing at the door wearing nothing but a shorts and a T-shirt He was barefoot he walked up to the faucet and without a word as if it were the most natural thing in the world to have a handcuffed man standing in front of the radiator washing his hands During that time I had time to look at his feet Her feet were beautiful nice and curved legs long muscular thighs
 After he wiped his hands he came up to me and sat on the edge of the tub Her short blonde hair gave a pleasant frame to her lovely face but her eyes drew me with a commanding gray eye
- Do you like my feet?
- Yes very much
- And US
- Your eyes The overall impression is very good so far although I haven't had enough time to assess what I've seen - Then he lifted up his leg and with his big toe he pressed me across my mouth and gently inserted it between my lips thus finishing my sentence I was shocked to hear it and then I started playing with my tongue with his toe It was a long time ago but it was a new feeling and it felt very exciting He was a partner in this circling with it in my mouth stretched my jaw and then took it out of my mouth and stroked with his foot through my stiff-standing tool I was beginning to realize it might last a long time()


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