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After that I went to Fiji to be precise with the boys to the vocational school There's Josi for farming Berty and I went to trade At first most of our subjects were in common and later in the second and third years in particular there was an increasing number of different subjects
But let's start at the beginning The boys ' quarters were arranged by Josi's father In the immediate vicinity of the school a widowed local woman exploited the excess of the House Therefore her apartment and the rented room weren't exactly separated The hostess always saw when the boys had guests Like me The first year was pretty easy and we had a lot of free time that we enjoyed with our favorite program getting each other excited and satisfied It wasn't easy to make this difficult without your hostess hearing anything He also reproached the boys several times and made it clear that he would not allow strangers in the house again And neither do I Fights have become commonplace
There was a time when I had Josi's penis in my mouth Berty's in my hand while she was licking my pussy and I opened my eyes for a moment and realized that we had not properly closed the door and that it was left open I was going to hop up and lock it but I was just in the middle of a rush and I couldn't When I was disgusted with pleasure I saw the housewife's wide-open eyes in the doorway The usual reproach was then omitted
I didn't tell the boys at first I started experimenting When I shut the door properly the hostess would always push them down If I left a gap the housewife was there and there was no anger When I was sure of the results I told the others and from then on we always left a gap in the door As we got up the gap got bigger and bigger and in the end we were playing with the door wide open The hostess noticed that we noticed her and she was working more openly in her panties as she looked at us In the end not only were we naked but he sat down like this on the chair outside the door winking at us from time to time and he played with his vagina and often came with us And from then on we were at peace
Like I said I lived in the vocational school dorm It's not very big but it's pretty neat in a double room with a shower My roommate Leona was from Fiji like three years older than me His relatively pretty face was accompanied by a rather large buttocks and ample breasts To my taste he was a little loud and pompous His other qualities were only gradually understood
Which I had no doubt he was open and honest He told me in the first few days that he really likes to fuck If you happen to miss a day you make up for it by masturbating Sometimes more come together every day it's when you feel really good He has a close permanent (he said so I would call it more common) partner who does not take it ill when others turn around in his bed Or she's in someone else's bed Because he's trying to arrange his dates elsewhere not unnecessarily in conflict with the rules of the college But one of the doorman's men ("uncle" was like 35 years old) with whom he made some kind of deal and he let it go when he brought guests I didn't ask what you paid him with
And I told you about our little three-way and the usual morality on our island He was very surprised that I could stay a virgin with the two boys but he understood that we value things differently He made me tell me twice about our three-day licks and orgasms the other day while he was working his way up his pants Then he went to the shower and there were little screams I was sure she saw the two boys in the shower next to you
There was a time when I went home a little earlier than usual from the boys When I walked into the room I saw Leona sitting naked on her bed rubbing her pussy with some buzzer thing When he saw me he looked at me with a moment of confusion but soon he closed his eyes again The buzz mixed with panting and then a series of little screams and silence When Leona opened her eyes a few minutes later she was a little embarrassed trying to cover it up with her annoyed questions
- Why are you opening your mouth? You've never seen anything like it?
- No but I see you're very friendly with him
- You'd be good friends with him too if you knew him
We exchanged a few of these little phrases when he asked me:
- Don't you want to try it?
Recalling his ecstasy I had no intention of objecting He washed it and put it on my bed
- Then strip I'm gonna pet you a little bit first and then I'm gonna give you a hug
I took my clothes off and lay on my back in bed He sat next to me and started caressing my pussy He licked it later His warm breath was beginning to take my mind off of me when I heard the buzzer and then just a moment later a strange vibration began to occur near his tongue A little later all I could feel was the vibration()


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