lizzo gets caught playing with herself

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When I got out of the hospital I had to stop training The doctor says forever because my wrist can't handle the strain it'll get sore I'll just have a problem with it Robbie and I had another passionate relationship on the way home from the hospital Three months ago he visited me several times but unfortunately nothing serious has happened between us Lately I've been feeling worse and I've been blaming myself for missing Robbie Unfortunately I'm often overwhelmed by the absence of Robi which makes me nauseous dizzy and unconscious I don't know what it is it's just a lot of problems It's been getting more and more frequent lately so I thought it would be a good idea to stop struggling and I invited Robi over but unfortunately Melissa came along with it I walked them into the living room
- Sit down Robby Can I get you anything? - I did
- No thank you What's up with you?
- Sometimes I feel sick but it's basically nothing
- Bad? From what?- asked suspiciously Robi
"Well should I tell you that the disease will come out if I don't see you? - I thought so
- Must be the flu
- There's no epidemic - Melissa said
- Then it's allergies - I looked back at Melissa with determination - Don't ask me what I mean who
Silence has settled on the light-coloured living room Our eyes met with Robi everything else was a distraction
The silence was broken by Melissa
- Can I get something to drink?"said Melissa
- Yeah - I answered- I have to go to the bathroom anyway- I added it and then I disappeared in the kitchen
I reached in the fridge for a soda it was orange juice Robi was stalking me He snuck up behind me put his arm around my waist rubbed his groin against me
- Hmmm- I sighed
- You want it huh?- Robby asked provocatively
- Yes without Melissa's company
- Does it bother you that he's here?
- That's an understatement
Robbie turned me towards him kissed me Wildly in a hurry He didn't dwell on the details He started massaging my breasts stroking my spine line stimulating it
- Ahh- I sighed softly
I started caressing Robbie's stomach kneeling and licking him I was playing with his belly button starting to suck on Robbie's stomach
- Yeah you see - he was resting
- Who gives a shit?- I asked eagerly and I kept sucking
We were standing right behind a counter when Melissa walked in
- What are you doing? - he asked
I was on my knees and I grabbed an egg from the egg rack behind the counter behind the bot and I pushed it down the floor on the butter-colored rock
- I'm cleaning - I was moaning
Melissa came up to me and she was interested in how I suffered a blow


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