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My neighbor mihi is 28 years old He's got a wife and a little boy or two a lucrative business and in one word he's got everything he needs to be happy But he's not happy He was 23 when he married his wife Aletta The parents wanted to get married because Aletta's family was very rich at the time and they thought that if they married the two young people they would make even more money together Mihi didn't want to get married but she really didn't have a choice Money talks dog barks I saw Mihi's face at the wedding All sad and forced smiles all fake happiness It's been five years Five long years Now they're completely estranged with Aletta Aletta's parents live in the next town He goes there often with the little kid and lately they've been spending the night at his parents ' house This time of year Mihi's home alone or she's out having fun with her friends Basically their marriage is in ruins
In early February Misi went on vacation to Egypt for two weeks with a good friend When she came back Aletta was staying with her parents and she had no intention of coming home At night when Mihi came home the refrigerator was empty There was no food at home Mihi called my mother and complained to her that there was no food and the shops were closed My mother asked me to bring her chicken soup and stew I pulled out two cans of food One covered in chicken soup and the other with stew and pasta I'm on my way over to Misha's When I got there Mihi was waiting for me at the gate
- Hi - hi - he said with a smile
- Hi - hi
 Oh thank you so much for bringing it over how much do I owe you?
- No kidding
- No really I'll pay for it - he insisted
- No you're not Well good luck getting cold - I told you and I was just on my way home
- Wait I'll give you something Come on in come on in
I followed him into the apartment obediently I was comfortable because Aletta and I have a good relationship and I often come over to talk and I always bring Cookies over and I play with the baby
- Here you go - said Mihi and handed me a bottle of wine
- Thank you - thank you But what was that for?
- Compliments of the Cook lady
- Then it's not mine - I said a little disappointed
- You didn't cook it? - he asked with round eyes
- No I was just stirring the stew by the way it was Mom
- Anyway you'll drink it
And we both laughed We could barely stop it all came out so stupid
- Are you in a hurry? - Misi asked
- No why?
- Come look at the pictures
- All right then
Mihi put a cd in the dvd player and we started watching the pictures I mean Mihi was watching and I was watching Mihi eat the stew By the time he ate it the photo cd was finished
- That was delicious Thanks - he said it and kissed his hand
I didn't say anything I just smiled
- Would you like a beer with me? I still have that
- No thanks I don't like beer
- What do you like? - he asked with a smile
- Wine or martini
- White wine? - he asked and then he winked
- Yeah - I did
We sat on the carpet and started drinking wine and we talked He complained about how unhappy he was with Aletta She wants to get a divorce but there's this little kid and she doesn't want him to grow up without a father We talked about everything After the fourth glass of wine I started to feel my head in We were running out of wine Mihi laid him on the floor and came up with an idea
- What do you say we play spin the bottle?
- Playing spin the bottle? Two? - I looked at him with no idea
- We play it when I spin you spin And anyone who stops his glass neck will take off a piece of clothing
- All right then I'll go first
- All right - okay - he said and winked
I spun the bottle It stopped at Misha's He took his shirt off She had a beautiful sun tan and a muscular upper body I wanted to kiss him all the time
- My turn
He rolled one on the glass He stopped at her again We both laughed He took off one of his socks I looked at him disappointed He just smiled It was my turn The bottle stopped at my place I was thinking about what to take off()


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