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My husband and I have five years in my favor When we first met we just wanted to have sex and then somehow things changed He was a thin-bodied young man with a long thick tail when we first met He's already weighed a few pounds today but I don't mind that Our sex life was exciting and it was exciting to this day We were both a little afraid of what our lives would be like with the child because our friends didn't exactly give us good examples Of course we have talked about the need to resolve this issue somehow but we knew that it would not be up to us alone Then lucky for us we had a very good baby He was calm he slept through the night and he liked to be with his moms I had milk fortunately quite a bit And that's what brought us to our sexual life
Our son was over six months old when one night while breast-feeding my husband stopped at the door with a towel and looked at us All of a sudden I saw the towel rising at the height of his dick I looked at her with these big eyes because I've never seen her do this before and she comes in every night and watches me breast-feed
- What's the matter with you? - I asked him without a voice articulate so he could read my lips
- You turned me on - and I just smiled - Do I get one?  I was just looking at it silly ' cause all of a sudden I couldn't figure out what he was thinking He reached into his own nipple and pressed it I understand what you mean here And then I had to admit to myself that I've had that thought a few times myself
- If he stays you get one - I whispered back
I ate the kid I put him to sleep and I went to the bathroom too My husband was still working on the computer I mean I thought he was working When I went into the room I saw him watching porn like that It was indeed a thrilling sight for me lying on the lap of a woman with large breasts full of milk another woman suckling My husband's Dick stopped like a pin I turned my back on him and I sat on his dick It filled me in long deep I made a few moves on it and then I got up As I straightened up my ass almost went tongue-high with his tongue I wanted him to lick it so I peeped in his pants and sat back That was a fantastic lick Here and my pussy
- Mama is there any milk left? - he asked in a childish voice At first I was surprised by the question but then I got excited
- Yes baby he did I walked up to the bed I lay down and I waited for him to come I lay on my side and he snuggled up to me He put my left nipple in his mouth and started sucking it It was so fabulous that I wished he'd never stop When he wanted to get out of the way I pushed him back in
- Eat Baby Suck harder - He's already emboldened and sucked harder and massaged my other boob with his hand He just stopped and got up and he smiled as a present
- Where Are you going baby? Why did you stop?
- I'm just here to pick them up  and he reached into the drawer where we keep the vibrators He took them both out and took out the lubricant He was still lying on his side lifting my legs and licking my pussy and my ass And then he started licking my pussy and then sticking his tongue in my vagina He didn't rest his finger under this so he "rested"it up my ass He was stretching my back hole because I knew he was gonna fuck me there today Soon I felt one of those vibrators go up my ass
- Relax Let him in - I was relaxing - That's right - and it moved my not-so-small vibrator And then he turned on the vibration And my other friend he put it in my vagina and he turned it to maximum Then he went back to bed next to me and sucked again holding his hand on the two vibrators so they wouldn't slip It went on until we ran out of milk He was still smoking it but it didn't come out
- Mama it's out  and then pretending to be hysterical he hit her


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