SinsLife – Hot Blonde Picked Up and Gives Road Head, Gets Fucked!

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Turns out the blonde's name was Dawn We had breakfast together no one said anything about the night before but obviously no one felt offended After breakfast Dawn's husband Pete suggested a golf game to give the girls time to shop so everyone gets to know each other better Everyone agreed so we parted ways
Kim and I had lunch and I asked her how the shopping went with my fingers He slapped my hand and called me a pervert for the idea that they weren't even shopping
"You'll find out how much we bought when you get the bank statement" said Kimberly "By the way I have learned a thing or two about Dawn and Pete" he continued
Kim outlined how Dawn and her husband's story began their involvement on these weekends and the pre-swinger days Dawn didn't really like to fuck other guys Her husband was very large and she was pleased with his plaything but he also loved women A few years ago she had to accept that she had to fuck some poor guy just to get their wives but ever since she organized these "girls only" weekends she's been satisfied that she doesn't have to have sex with men she doesn't care about It was easier that way
'Dawn asked if we wanted to attend a private party tonight' said Kim
"I thought you didn't like to fuck husbands" I replied
"Who said he wanted to fuck you" said Kim " we thought that if you were a good boy you could come with me" You gonna be a good boy? - Kim asked emphasizing the good word
"Yes I'll be a good boy" I sighed
'I want to make one more thing clear before the meeting' looked Kim straight into my eyes  I really appreciate you being so understanding and letting me have my fantasy about girls "I really enjoyed last night" he smiled and continued - There's a way to make your fantasy come true You've been asking me for years to watch me fuck someone else Pete's willing to do it and Dawn won't mind
 This was supposed to be a girls-only weekend I can't believe Pete sent you guys shopping to get his wife to heat you up ' Cause My Blood was boiling
 I can't believe what you're saying Just so you know I asked her and she didn't ask me and I needed all the courage I had to do it -- Kim was rarely this nervous - We talked about our sex life and why we came here this weekend Yeah she brought up how big her husband's Dick was but only because she told me that women in swinger clubs were all over her husband and big dick and she only got the average or the underdog
"I I am very sorry" I said " I just thought"
- You just thought it What are you always telling me and now you're just thinking about it?  Kim was starting to cool off but she was obviously disappointed  Look if you'd rather wait in the room or go to the casino or whatever then do it but I'm going to go to Dawn If you come I'm gonna fuck Peter for you but if you don't want to come Pete's gonna have the same experience you had last night Honestly if you decide not to come I don't ever want to hear your bullshit again that you want to see a big-ass man fuck you in front of you We spent a lot of money this weekend Pete's pretty hot Dawn's willing to share it with me so either come on or shut up
Do I stay or go? If I go I'll see another man fuck my wife which I've been trying to get her to do for a long time If I don't go I'm not just gonna miss the show I'm gonna miss this one-time opportunity I beat my pride and said:
- So when are we due?
We arrived at your room at the scheduled time Pete opened the door in a towel As she walked us in I saw Dawn in a very sexy baby doll
- Would you like something to drink? - Dawn asked as she stood up and walked up to us
By the time I said "sure" he'd already gotten to us
Dawn hugged me and pressed her body against mine kissed my face and said you were a very sweet boy
"Thank you" I said as I could think of nothing else
"Pete gave me a beer -- it was a good game this morning" he said
"Thank you for the second time" I said and Pete patted me on the back
I didn't realize Kimberly had gone into the bathroomI just noticed the water running
'Excuse me' said Pete heading towards the open door of the bathroom I noticed a smile on his face when he reached the door and said " Do you need anything?"  His eyes were moving up and downI imagine he was admiring my wife's naked body


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