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When I was 19 I turned to the older ladies I was curious about their life experience maturity I was particularly attracted to women with full-bodied breasts It was during a summer party that I felt a handsome and well-known woman who had a daughter of my age flirted with me from the table opposite I thought he wanted to hold me for his daughter so at the next dance I asked his daughter Ági During the dance I felt that Ági liked to snuggle she had a very good body but I wished for her mother closer I knew her husband who was a lot older than her liked booze and cards better than sex I'm not disappointed the wife felt the absence of the man
After the dance of Ági I asked the young mother to dance She was happy to come and since her husband was already at the bar none other than her daughter Ági watched our dance During the dance I directed us to the darker corner of the garden room which my partner of course noticed but I felt he liked to follow As I was dancing I slipped my hand down and when I got from her hips to her buttocks I began to caress it and we looked into each other's eyes deeper and deeper In the meantime I told him:
- I like you very much you're insanely desirable He smiled and said:
- And you're my daughter He's dying to meet you but I don't despise you either
Meanwhile our bodies grew closer In an careless well-calculated moment I gave her a gentle kiss on her half-protruding breasts In response I received a mild kiss on the cheek
- I'll see you at my place the day after tomorrow - we parted on a challenge
The day after tomorrow"I appeared in the apartment of the woman I wished for Of course Ági wasn't homemama was there to see me He offered me Cookies and drinks and gave me a quick lecture
- Ági's coming home later but you have to wait because you have to get to know her better If you come to Ági's we can meet at any time we don't have to worry about the old man
I quickly understood what he had said and as a reward I gave him a kiss on his mouth The kiss on the other hand triggered a great great language and groping In no timeI had two great breasts of my mouth and mouth which of course were not covered by bras but protected by dressing gowns My hands quickly descended on her strong but shapely thighs and then they would always crawl up under the robe and look for the panties However to my greatest pleasure such a garment did not cover the mature female body the swollen vagina with thick fur I have undid the gown of the increasingly anxious woman and now I can embrace her as she sees the light of day At this point my wife was not idle He unbuttoned my fly and examined my love tree He was obviously pleased with the experience of being given a large tool by nature He quickly took it out of my trousers and now seeing it in real life he was suddenly struck by it and then he was able to wag my valour in his mouth for the pleasure of both of us Standing up I enjoyed my mommy's greed but not without a trace The good-technique blow job ended with me coming in his mouth Mama was happy to swallow my sperm and lick my hero's hat dry I can't imagine a more beautiful and better introduction
After a while we calmed down cleaned ourselves up when the garden gate opened and Brani arrived Mama was happy to embrace her little girl and kindly lied to me that I was looking for Ági His eyes were astonished and happy at the same time Beneath her dress she was a young body which I wished very much at the same time Through her translucent clothing she had nice breasts thin waist and great hips It was a very pleasant sight The older lady noticed my interest and that her daughter trembled when I shook her hand and kissed her on the cheek Mama immediately asked him to change Ági went into her room His mother followed him after a few tongue-tied kisses They spent a little more time together Later I found out that he had taught his daughter to behave with whom they had already agreed after the ball that they would share my body
When they came out of the room I was surprised to see that Ágin had a robe like his mother only to the extent that hers had reached the mid-thigh It was a great way to show your beautiful thighs I was invited right into the bedroom The three of us sat on a broad frame The ladies approached me and asked me about all sorts of things that were not of interest During the conversation as if by chance they were getting closer to me and putting their heads on my shoulders almost at the same time I felt their hot desirable breath on my neck I couldn't stand the provocation much longer so I hugged them I slowly looked for their breasts and began to caress them through clothes It was soon that their robes were pulled off their shoulders and they both handed me their bare tits()


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