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Annamari and I have been married for nearly ten years He's 31 I'm 35 She's got nice shoulder-length brown hair with two big brown eyes (I call her doe-eyed) not too big but round tits and a face-adjusted pussy Like in any marriage in ours as the years went by sex began to flatten To prevent this we have put in place new and new practices The vibrators became involved in our relationship (yes not one since while I was using one of my little wife's slots she liked to suck on a large vibrate while sometimes another one was "busy" in her free ass or vagina) we liked role-playing mild s/m things Not once have I been the bad guy who gets punished by a strict teacher or my dear was a simple roadside whore who served me for a certain price or the customer
But the point is what happened to us later happened and it came out while watching porn My little wife was more and more into movies where a girl gets fucked by more boys When we were watching them we used to fuck huge and the two vibes were busy stuffing Annamari's free holes
I was the one who brought it up and during one of our fucks while I was screwing from behind I asked him
- Do you want your mouth or your ass to be a real dick right now? It was not surprising to me that the answer came in a dying voice:
- I love it But preferably both while you're fucking my pussy
I was so excited by your answer and the thoughts in my head and pictures of you filling your mouth that day with a double dose of sperm of course in our favorite position What's it like? Annamari is lying on her back and I'm kneeling to her face and while I'm fucking her sometimes I jerk her face with my dick As you say this is the position where I can really fuck you in the mouth Now I'm thinking on both sides of his face there's two more guys on their knees and he's waiting for the sperm he loves from the three dicks
After we had sex my wife licked every last drop of semen from her lips and came to me
- Did you mean what you said?
- I said Why You?
- I'd love to but how would you feel about people fucking in front of you?
 You know I've always wanted to see you with other guys or guys I'd be very excited
- But who could be recruited? - said Annamari
Planning really wasn't easy There was a couple of friends and I knew the guy wanted to fuck my wife so we thought we'd go in there and get him But in the meantime coming on vacation in one fell swoop solved the problem
We paid for a week in Crete at one of the offices and we were looking forward to taking a bath in the Mediterranean and having a big fuck in our apartment The plane had a group of offices on it so we had no way of knowing who was in our group but Annamari spotted two guys our age We arrived in Heraklion around noon and it wasn't until after we landed in the shuttle bus that it became clear that the two guys were coming with us The bus stopped at all the apartments I'm delivering you to the holiday homes until finally it arrived at our accommodation To my astonishment or rather to my delight our two companions got off here as it turned out the four of us were housed in this apartment house Our rooms were next to each other and as it turned out they opened up on a large balcony
I had some doubts because when I think about it two guys in their 30s are on vacation together what's the first thing you think about? Maybe they won't be into Annamari after all?
As it turned out my fear was unfounded
We were unpacking the room we had the balcony door wide open and we started changing for the beach While I was undressing my little wife went naked on the balcony to admire the view At that moment the balcony door next door opened and one of the guys stepped out About 20 seconds of silence then my wife spoke
- Hi I'm Annamari-and she reached out to the guy
- Uh hi I'm Peter
By this time I was out at least I had a bathing suit on and the other guy came out with me who was surprised to see me
"If we're going to get together let's get through the introductions" I said I'm Csaba and I reached out to these two guys Peti and after he introduced himself to Zoli And This Is My wife Annamari I told Zoli Peter from what I hear you two have been introduced
The two guys just stood there staring at my wife's tits and cunt Annamari spoke
 We're going to the beach would you like to join us?
"Well we had other plans but if we don't bother you why not" said Peti who rose from the sight first - We're just changing and I see you're not quite ready yet


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