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The alarm went off It's 5: 00 in the morning I'm getting fresh out of bed but I've been waiting a long time for this freedom We haven't been on vacation in five years Now we can go All our bags are already in the car a quick wash and an adventure It's barely dawn the roads are almost empty a little sleepy but we're still in a good mood In Croatia we booked accommodation in a naturist campground We're running out of distance and as time progresses our thoughts are absorbed in planning our vacation But it would be nice to find a nice couple to spend the time with and if
you could get a nice little sex out of it As we get closer the tension increases because we only booked on the phone what if they didn't take it seriously? But the man is optimistic so we dispelled our doubts Then the sign shows up Monsena here we are It is a very pleasant surprise we were waiting for us our apartment is clean it is waiting for us We'll be living in a beautiful Mediterranean-style cottage for the next two weeks There are four apartments in one house separated in the middle like mirror images of each other two on the bottom two on the top We took our bags and put them in the lockers The room was simple but very tasteful It was a large bed two small cabinets a table and two chairs The bathroom is small but it's equipped with everything After the ten - hour journey I was a little tired and finally got rid of all my clothes because we were on a naturist camping trip and I stretched out on the bed I probably fell asleep right away and I had a beautiful dream My wife told me do you want to make love? Yes I didI answered I awoke to find that his lustful mouth fell on my cock and sucked my ACORN with all his might I thought this woman always wanted sex We took a little rest and then we went to the beach
It was a beautiful rocky but rapidly deepening beach that belonged to the campsite We stretched out on our sponges and then it hit me for two weeks I don't care about anything I don't care about problems all that matters is nice things sex and pleasure The water was wonderful warm and cuddly It's incredibly clean and translucent My wife is afraid of the depths so I have only obeyed the beauties of the underwater world alone With diving goggles and fins I was amazed at this unknown world I'm tired so I thought I'd lay out in the sun Eva of course didn't lie to herself bet on a couple she'd set her sights on They were really beautiful a few years younger than us The girl is a medium-sized breast and a very nice butt and the boy is athletic and apparently has a big dick I've let it gowe've come to rest for a few days Since we bought a full bed and breakfast we had to go to dinner soon The Croatian cuisine was a very pleasant surprise for me very delicately cooked We are both connoisseurs so this aspect was certainly not indifferent to us Last night we went exploring at Camp and soon we found one of the restaurants Next to it was a slide taken over by a young group of girls In fact all the young beautiful naked bodies of girls are starting to make the musical flourish 'Look at them' said My wife sitting at the table next to us on the beach The music was very pleasant and it was exhilarating so no wonder even I who is known to be a foot-foot was dancing Eve stepped between my legs and I felt her hot thighs on my dick After a long walk and a short but intense lovemaking we went to bed because it was a very long day It seemed like a few seconds of sleep when I was half asleep hearing well-known voices A woman's voice sighed and screamed and there was a man's Roar next to her I sat up in bed of course my wife was awake He said "I think they're fucking next door" and he's already grabbing my dick hard I knew the price of sleeping would be a good fuck But now he's been very compassionate to me and he's satisfied with a good blow job and he literally fell asleep with my dick in his mouth It was a very fast morning I went out on the balcony and I heard them talking German next door Unfortunately I speak only a little bit of the language although with a little patience I understand everything and I can explain it
The two balconies were separated by a thick wall of glass bricks so all I could see was their silhouettes I was wondering who lived next door to us for two weeks Where the walls of the building and the glass met there was a small gap I bent over and tried to peek through it It took a little bit of positioning and that was a surprise the pair Eve was looking at I smiled I can't believe this woman has such intuition when it comes to sex I told him and he wasn't desperate "At least you don't have to go far after the party" he said laughing And how will you talk to them I asked()


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