Lolani Filled and Stretched Part 2

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I remember the first hairs on my pussy appeared around the age of 13 I mean they're what you might call real hair I didn't like having them there but I had no idea what to do with them As the months went by more and more hair grew on my pretty smooth pussy I hated myself for it By the time I was 14 I had a thick cotton (even jungle) on my pussy Even though I'm blonde it was totally dark and ugly I didn't want to look like an old woman with a hairy vagina But I thought I'd have to live like this forever No one said it could be any other way until I met Stella who proved it
Stella was a new girl at school she was really pretty and immediately became popular not only in class but the whole school knew her And he knew how to use it He made the basketball team easy I played there too so we spent a lot of time together and we became good friends in a few weeks One Friday afternoon Stella asked me if I wanted to spend the night at her house because her parents were away and she didn't feel like being alone My mom let me go and took me to them
Stella answered the door in a skinny bikini It was the beginning of May but the sun was very bright and the braver ones had gone out to sunbathe He asked me if I brought a bathing suit because if I did we could go to their bathroom by the pool I didn't know they had one I told him I didn't bring it but since we're about the same size he offered to let me use one of his We went up to her room to try on a bikini All her bikinis were insanely bold I don't have a bad figure but my pussy was really hairy Knowing that I immediately thought it would show up next to the narrow Bikini Bottom I was so embarrassed But I tried it on I saw Stella checking out my visor hair I thought I was going to die of shame
And all Stella said to me was " Reka you need to shave" And I just looked at him they're all idiots It's never happened to me before and I told her I don't even know how I mean in front of the mirror or in the bathtub or something I asked Stella told me not to worry I just had to follow her to the bathroom He said I'd make him happy if he could shave my pussy so he could show me how I was a little scared of it but I was also relieved to get rid of that horrible hair
Stella put me in the tub after I took off my bikini bottoms and put some water in the tub He took a shaving cream off the shelf and knelt on the carpet next to the tub He put cream on my pussy and rubbed the foam all over it Then he took out a new razor and started shaving my hair slowly carefully It seemed a little fun standing there but it also made me crazy excited When I looked down I could see sparkles ' nipples bending down and this sight really turned me on even though I never thought I'd be thinking about something like this with a girl like this
She shaved her head while she was shaving Then he cleaned the razor in the water of the tub and continued to work on my labia And he said " it's very important that you don't cut yourself here so I'm gonna put one of my fingers on your clit to make sure I'm not too close to it" His finger slipped between the lips of my husked-up pussy and he found my now slightly hardened clitoris I sighed a long time when he put it between his fingers and pecked it gently while he was shaving my labia smooth I think you probably shouldn't have had shaving cream because my hole got all wet playing with my clitoris you might as well have used my own moisture to shave
After that he told me to get out of the tub because he saw some loose fibers around my asshole He laid me on the carpet and told me to pull my legs up I obeyed He put cream on me there too The feeling was completely foreign but my spine was peaked with excitement He shaved my hole too()


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