Namorada ninfeta novinha

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After my second time in the shower at Noel's that day I decided that since I had two good-looking guys waiting in the living room I would certainly take advantage of the opportunity to find my own limits I've had a lot going on in my fantasy but I've dared to do very little of it I've always wondered what it would be like to be a sex slave When you know they can do whatever they want to you and you only have one role to play it's to satisfy them I knew after tonight's warm-up I was ready to realize this old dream of mine I returned to the boys with this firm resolve in a towel
- So what now? - I took the initiative
 What do you say we spend the whole night together for the good of all of us? "Think of a home and enjoy each other" said Andrew
'There's Pizza and the wine hasn't run out and we're not sleepy' said Noel brazenly
"I'm in if you can keep up" I replied
Luckily it wasn't hard to talk it out at home because there have been other times that if we were working on a big project we used the company's own apartment as a base and we didn't go home to get the job done as soon as possible So after a short telephone explanation I returned to the boys who had already eaten the pizza with joy I joined them and after having had another glass of wine the mood began to relax again
- What do you want? What do we do with you? "Noel asked though I think he already knew the answer
- We're grown men we have desires and I don't think we need to keep secrets from each other after what happened so I'm gonna be honest with you that I want to be your sex slave
Andrew was a little surprised when he said that but then his mouth went grinning Noel wasn't surprised he knew me well enough to know what I'm excited about what I want
- Calm down nothing will happen that you don't want If you feel like something's too much or you don't want it anymore all you have to do is say "I don't want it anymore" and we stop Okay? - Noel explained the rules –
Then he took me by the hand and led me to the middle of the living room and he took the towel off me and then he sat on the couch with Andrew in a sloppy manner I was standing in front of them naked and I could almost feel their eyes on my skin
"Now sit on your heels like a good girl and spread your legs so we can see your pussy" said Noel
- Put your hands behind your back and lift your hips You stay like this until I tell you to move Do you understand me?
I obeyed him I showed them my cunt and I felt my face filled with shame and a blush of excitement It wasn't long before Andrew came to me He was kneeling over me with his dick staring right in front of my mouth I knew what he wanted because I was thinking too that I'd like him to stick his dick in my mouth without contradicting it He grabbed my hair he lifted my head and with his hand he was pointing his dick pushing it deeper and deeper When I felt like I was suffocating and trying to get out of the uncomfortable situation he just stopped and started fucking me with caution pulling my hair with one hand and controlling his dick with the other
I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer in this position because it was getting more and more uncomfortable but then I felt Noel's touch on the inside of my thigh towards me He gently stroked over me and then began to spread my already wide-spread legs even further And then he grabbed my ankle and he put it around his neck so he lifted my hip up to his face I could feel her hot breath on my pussy and I wanted every fiber of my being to kiss my ass I clasped my foot tighter around his neck and pushed my vagina up to his lips I finally felt his tongue At first he was just teasing me and tasting my juice and then he was licking me more and more smearing more saliva and pussy all over the place I could feel my whole bottom swimming and everything slippery I knew if he kept this up for another minute or two I'd come But he probably knew that because he suddenly stopped pampering me and pushed a pillow under my hip and let me go Meanwhile Andrew kept moving in and out of my mouth sometimes pushing his dick so deep I almost had to gag It was like they were in cahoots with Noel and they stopped working with me almost at the same time I was lying on the soft carpet my hips were raised my pussy was open to them Andrew knelt next to me and licked my nipples in turns while Noel disappeared in the direction of the bathroom and then he came back with a bottle of baby oil and a handful of wooden cloths I knew immediately what he was up to and I felt myself red with shame again()


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