Metiéndose el consolador y salpica

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When I felt the grip on my hands loose I almost immediately attacked my little blonde and began to kiss her wildly
- Not so fast big guy "he said laughing and gently and I after a moment's hesitation let him do as he pleased"
When he got to the bed he threw one on me and I fell over When I looked at him he waved his head at me to slide up I looked back to file my way in but none of it came to pass for in the meantime the devil knows how Betty was already on the bed with her legs open and with a firm gesture she indicated where I should be Now I had a whole new perspective on this beautiful girl's beautiful body and I was looking forward to taking possession of it As I slid under him my eyes fluttered up and down his body and he provocatively spread his legs which opened up his body of love Her thighs seemed even longer and more muscular her breasts gazed up and up and even from here they glowed like spheres His hips were slightly forward and his naked pubic buttocks drew the eye The clitoris of desire with its head slightly out attracted my tongue like a magnet As I continued to move up between his legs I saw the seductive orb of his buttocks Then I felt two hands on my feet as he went up with a torturous slowness but when he touched the sensitive parts he missed them just as little as possible The soft touch didn't stop it slowly continued through my stomach all the way to my chest and then an unexpected bite on my nipple made me realize that I wasn't dreaming that it was a reality a dream come true The caressing hands went down again and then the touch stopped but another came instead Betty leaned down from her hips and caressed me on my stomach when soft music was playing and at the beat of which she slowly began to sway her hips over me and I like a bewitched snake slowly followed the movement while my eyes were still on her pussy Slowly he began to roll down straight towards the mouth down and down I could smell her and I was almost ready to wait for the moment when I could finally touch her pussy with my tongue but this moment was still waiting for me for as soon as I had reached her with my tongue she was already on her way up with the same exciting hip movement as she rolled her breasts and enjoyed the soft mysterious melodies with her eyes closed Melinda and petting's hands returned but this time they were more merciful He gently caressed me on my tail and I stared at his activities with raring eyes He looked at me with a smile and licked my manhood from my testicles to my acorn and then reaching to the top he took it down his throat Then a loud moan would have come out of my mouth if Betty hadn't come down on my mouth with her wet pussy I spread her labia with my fingers so I could easily access the trembling little clitoris I licked it softly and then I began to suck it in an increasing and accelerating rhythm for which Betty rewarded me with intense hip movement and deep-seated sighs In the meantime Melinda was not idle and her mouth brought me closer to a point of no return and I brought it to her attention He slowed down a bit but he wouldn't stop and in order not to miss out he rubbed his wet pussy all over my shin bone Meanwhile he was taking care of my testicles He gave her a gentle massage and licked her and I moaned over me almost all the time into the tight pussy dripping in my mouth And then Melinda said she wanted my snare tongue All I had to do was watch the exchange of two sex goddesses Now Melinda's pussy was coming up to my mouth and as soon as I smelled the familiar seductive scent I threw myself on the wet-ass pleasure cave and smoked I began to lick it My temper surprised him but he seemed to be okay with it He started squeezing himself harder into my mouth and he started sliding back and forth on it As I feared he would suffocate me in a short time I raised his hips a little and licked him from his clitoris to his bottom rose With my tongue I penetrated her vagina as deep as I could and she made love to her moving up and down When I pulled him out he was a little disappointed in him but when my tongue moved back he understood what I wanted With two hands he pulled the half-balls of his round ass and I began to attack his anus which in a short period of time gave way and I entered with my tongue and he took on the rhythm of my tongue with little screams Betty taking my dick in her hand kneeled over me and slowly massaged her clitoris with my acorn and sat gently into it By the time she had completely wiped out my dick in her cave Melinda had her first orgasm and screamed loudly into the arms of her friend and I felt her anus contract rhythmically on my tongue while her pussy was squeezing my finger in the same rhythm They started kissing and he lifted his hip off my face and I gave him a little massage on my numb jaw Betty never stopped dancing on my dick Melinda got off my back and I turned the girl with the black hair on my back and I kept fucking her missionary style Melinda started massaging my testicles from behind and with her other hand she was pushing my ass at the beat Then he pulled me back took my dick out of the girl who put her leg around his neck and then carefully put my dick into the opening of his buttocks and I slowly began to enter the narrow gap After the first few strokes Betty came shaking and screaming and that started the avalanche in me As my lower abdomen began to feel familiar I pulled out my dick and pressed myself in front of the faces of the girls who did not protest for a second but immediately took me in hand and began to lick suck and suck my dick in sync on both sides You've had the results of your activities I came out with a long squirt and they like children sprang my dick out of each other's mouths and I sprinkle it into their faces and mouths in diminishing Rays I watched them smiling and panting as they kissed the fluids of my pleasure from each other's faces and mouths Seeing my smile they decided that I should not stay out of the good stuff and they threw themselves at me and kissed me and licked my face and I sneezing resisted They laughed so brightly and I laughed with them They rolled over on my two sides exhausted and we were laughing
- Thank you for the gift - I told Melinda and I kissed her
- Thank you too - Betty got a kiss too
- Anytime - the answer came barely audible
- Enough slacking get in the shower - Melinda ordered me to play hardball and we obediently got up and followed her to the bathroomI apologize for the delay In return I will remain available to everyone /free/


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