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To write this story the idea was given by the writing published in September 2002 by "Fradi Imcsi" "red cunt hair" I thought I'd share with the public the conditions under which I first saw hairy pussy Of course the story is exciting to me in the first place but I hope I'm not the only one with my dick staring at the finished work And if any of you have any thoughts of your own please take the clivia and share your experiences with us not only disgusting but full of fake stories that are so gross about all kinds of fucking let's make room for old nostalgic memories
First to Pioneer Camp 4 I got away in class because I studied well and not least because my uncle's wife was Aunt Rosika my homeroom teacher In the early ' 70s parents were reluctant to release such small children away from the warmth of home to the world so to speak This "world" was then the north shore of Lake Balaton After a year of persuasion apart from me three of my classmates Tibi who was the best and Pista were released and Mischka could still be on the team because of his sports results 4 two more came from Class b so six of us became residents of a cabin in the camp of the pioneers In retrospect the mandatory programs were terrifying with their own singing of the Movement flag-raising and all-encompassing milieu of socialist culture The afternoons and evenings were very good That's when we started to get interested in physical things and even though we didn't know it at the time in sexuality
We've all been coy in the village so we've never seen anyone naked but ourselves This was the first night of excitement which if the teacher finds out might even disturb us for lewd behavior Because we lied to ten-year-old boys and we did a nice striptease in front of each other in our bedroom and then we used a ruler to poison our cock-sucking cock We also got a lot of excitement from the shower because we met boys older than us who of course had a much bigger tool hanging between their legs not to mention the fur balls Tibi who as I said was the smartest of us was already of basic knowledge through his brother After curfew the room huddled together and we heard a lecture on the role of Dick and testicle the sketchy anatomy of girls ' vaginas and the most exciting topic: fuck It turned out to me that the big secret was that girls like the boys in the shower eventually get pussy hair Naked girl at home - my red-haired little sister-I've seen it so this realization has really stirred my imagination and I suppose the others
I was thinking if it's true that the color of the cunt hair matches the color of the hair how ugly it's gonna look with red cunt Since 13 to 14-year-old Pretty Girls were in the camp from this night on everything was under surveillance all my roommates wanted to see hairy pussy Of course there were too many opportunities for us to act because when we went to the beach everyone changed to a bathing suit in their carefully locked room We could only look at the hairs peeking out from under the bikini (because at that time there was no sign of a pussy shave) but we could not be satisfied with this The real breakthrough was the discovery that the courtyard shower wall made of a plate didn't fit in one place or two centimeters apart Plus this gap was on the side of the fence so if anyone went back there no one would notice The only way to get there and back was to be very careful because if you got caught it would have been pretty obvious what you were doing in that secluded place We talked to the partners we always approach the peeping tom one at a time because group-excited walking might have been noticed by the teachers


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