Sexy LightSkin FUCKED In The Car

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I started to wake up when I noticed that Anna's brown eyes were looking back at me between my legs while she was holding my hardening dick in her hand I smiled and then I sat up with my elbow holding my hand to see him pamper me even more With a tongue-year he licked it all around and then he excited my testicles with his tender kisses until he saw on me that all I wanted to do was Have mercy on me he took my big dick He began very slowly and I put my hand in his black hair and gave him a low moan as to how well he was doing while his mouth moved even faster my hungry beauty
I put my hand across his face to put us on the same level and kissed his lips from sucking which were more delicious than anything I've ever tasted As soon as our kiss ended I pulled my legs to me bent her over while Anna sat on my dick as I felt how wet it was inside and slowly I began to bang her little hole from the bottom And I put my hands on her back to pull her closer to me and kiss her on her two beautiful breasts with a number I could feel his whole body shaking with pleasure as I punched him in the vagina faster and faster and I played with a number on his chest until I started sucking on his nipples He enjoyed it very much my dear to let me know he put his arm around my neck and began to excite my earlobe with his tongue on which I beat him even faster from the bottom and I continued to suck his tits And then I started to get up and my dick was still in Anna and she put her legs over my waist so I turned around and pressed it against the wall at the bedpost and I started fucking again my dear
She screamed sweetly which turned me on even more and in the midst of sweat our wet bodies connected even more as my love bent towards me hungry for a kiss The movement in Anna's vagina and the wet kissing changes I felt I could not stand much longer which she noticed climbed off me and put my wet tail between her breasts As if it had been held in a soft vice I began to move it by the hips between them and as I moved it up my darling touched my ACORN with a tongue year from which I could no longer stand The sperm from my tail covered Anna's breast completely and then with his hand pressed the last drop on her body and then a kiss a mark on my penis she stood up and kissed me up there
I could feel my salt in her mouth but it didn't bother me so I continued to enjoy the delicious lips of my goddess and then when we let go of each other we lay back to our wet beds of sweat We turned to each other and smiled and I saw from the window that the sun was up and I looked at the clock and it was 8: 00 in the morning and I looked back at Anna
"I have never had a wake – up call like this before" and then I drew closer to him and kissed him " and it was all thanks to you
- Well for a birthday girl that's what you get
- So we're gonna be in bed all day and have sex until we see stars - he seemed to think about it and then he gave me a big smile and told me it wasn't my birthday present
"Well tell me then" I looked at him with the look that has given in to all my ex – girlfriends but Anna is not made of that sort
 You'll find out at exactly 6: 00 pm as soon as he said it he quickly started packing
In the meantime I picked up my boxers and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee turned on the coffee machine and went back to the bedroom where my girlfriend was standing in a pair of pink panties which gave my dick a fresh start I stood behind him my steely penis poked the fine fabric trying to get closer to his hole I held his two breasts in my hand and I kissed his neck with my mouth and he turned around and kissed me
- Save your strength for the night - Adam went a little further than me put on his bra and kissed me all over his lips


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