Frei Fick am see für jedermann

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It was a long time ago back in 2002-2003 I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago and he actually dumped me At night I was watching TV in a slightly Illuminati state I just turned it more accurately There was a text wall on one of the channels and I started reading the notes All of a sudden I saw a text saying "young bi guy from Budapest would meet boys" I've never in my life thought about getting sexually involved with a boy I started fantasizing and imagining the situation I closed my eyes and imagined what to do with a boy and then the surprise came I had to admit that I had a hard-on for a dick and I'm really turned on I thought I'd write to him it wouldn't happen
I wrote to him that I was a 21-year-old guy from Budapest and I wanted to meet him because I'd never met a boy before but I was very curious to know what he was like He asked me what I was interested in I didn't even know that myself because five minutes ago I didn't even know I was interested in a boy But since my fantasies started right away with oral games I told him I wanted to suck a guy's Dick I'd like to feel his body trembling with lust in my mouth as it fills my mouth and my throat his hot sperm So to find out what a blowjob feels like He followed a message followed a message and we began to describe each other's desires in greater detail Yes our desires because then I had them I was surprised at what I couldn't think of I'm incredibly turned on We finally arranged a meeting in the parking lot of a nearby mall at 10: 00 the next night I've been tossing and turning all night and I couldn't wait for the time to pass and finally meet Norbi (that's what they called it)
My time has finally come I got in the car and I rushed to the scene but when I got there there wasn't a soul there The location one of the dark corners of the parking lot where the birds don't go I was getting excited I tried to imagine the situation where we were sitting in the car next to each other and finally in a few minutes I could hold in my hand a strange blood-swollen hot throbbing penis bright and fragrant with joy In fact I can taste it kiss it all the way through and put it in my mouth While I was all fired up wandering in my thoughts I was suddenly blinded by a pair of reflectors from the mirror The car stopped turned off the lights and the door opened A man got out of it Average build approximately six feet tall dark brown hair approximately 25 years old good-looking elegant male He's headed straight for my car (he knew it was me because we had talked about who was coming in and out of the car) and we greeted each other with a polite handshake
We got in his car and started talking He was clearly comfortable and I was getting more and more insecure I no longer felt that torturous longing for the unknown Now that I had him by my side less than an inch from my hand I didn't need him That's why it was so unpleasant I had all the details of yesterday's text battle in my head and I couldn't understand why I didn't want what I had been dying to do ten minutes ago Norbi kept talking I couldn't understand half of it because I couldn't listen I was just looking at his body His mouth the way he talks His white teeth his tongue the way he sometimes shows up when he's talking for a moment and his lap The lap that hides the object of my fantasy the penis that I have imagined so many times in the past day and the proximity of which I am now absolutely not thrilled I was looking at this well-groomed demanding young guy and I was trying to figure out what was wrong I mean I couldn't find a better partner but I didn't have to The desire is dead inside me and the only motivation I have now is that while I'm here I shouldn't miss my chance I was wondering if I could touch it If I put my hand on his thigh Then you'd be quiet and then I'd be able to use a soft touch to guide my hand down your thigh Belt and get to your manhood Then maybe I'd just get caught up in the longing again and go my own way But I didn't I couldn't do it Why not? I don't know about that Maybe I really can't have sex with a man But maybe it was just a defense mechanism in my mind that killed the desire out of me then there
After a good half-hour of talking we said Good-bye and we'd be in touch I haven't seen him since All the physical relationships between us were those two handshakes I needed one tiny little move to make my sex life take a radical turn and in the future to experience a multitude of pleasures that I have never seen before If I'd put my hand on his thigh then a new world would have opened up for me But I couldn't take that step()


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