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We've lived in a village in Baranya for over 10 years My wife Kati age 44 good-looking womanly-full brown hair slightly slacking with medium-sized breasts I'm 52 years old with an average build
I work in a bank and Kati is a kindergarten teacher in the next village We have a son but he's 21 studying in Szeged
Kati and I always had great sex Willing and devoted we've tried many new things over the years I'm not saying We're having sex as fast as we started but I have no complaints about quantity or quality I've had some casual relationships over the years but nothing fancy Kati and I have always spoken openly about sexuality and I thought we had no secrets from each other (except for my occasional infidelity)
From us Kati's father lived in the second village who is now 73 years old and has been a widow for seven years
He's a fine peasant worked his whole life in the open air healthy as a horse A firm firm character always had a firm hand in controlling his family and the economy
Since she became a widower Kati has been coming over to help her with her household care washing cooking a few kinds of food ironing etc
He usually goes over to his place on Sunday around noon often sleeps there and goes to work on Monday
One time he didn't sleep over at the old man's he came home around 11: 00 I was in bed I was looking at porn online I was pretty excited so I was really excited when Kati came in
I went out in front of her in the hallway and watched her undress and then I followed her to the bathroom where she took off her panties and bra when I stood behind her I hugged her and I adjusted my dick between her legs He was trying to get away from it in an uncharacteristic way
- Not now Honey I'm tired let me take a shower fuck me in the morning or if you're really horny I'll blow you before you go to sleep
In the meantime I reached into her vagina and I was surprised that for someone who doesn't want to fuck how wet her cunt is my fingers were all over her I didn't let myself go and with gentle violence I fucked her from behind It was really cool that it was extremely wet and my dick was slipping in it He enjoyed it very much and I saw no sign of his previous opposition while my cock was walking in him he masturbated with one hand and he came out in the proper way I enjoyed her pussy and then as I often do I got on my knees to lick it out of her (I like that very much I enjoy licking the jizz pussy and I always imagine that I had someone else fuck her and lick her off) But it got really long and he went into the shower instead
- That's enough darling let me rest
- But it would have been so nice to lick your pussy baby you know how much I love to lick your pussy
- Why don't you lick me after your bath?
I did and I licked my dick in bed and I jerked my dickand we both came
About two weeks later he came home early and I attacked him almost immediately in the bedroom while he was undressing and I knocked him down on the bed and I wanted to lick him He tried to roll away laughing
- Leave me alone fool I'm going to take a bath
But I managed to lick her pussy which was very wet again but to my surprise her fluids tasted like semen
Kati saw my surprise and she stopped laughing and she looked at me terrified and she started crying
And I kept thinking "who could he be cheating with?" because there was no doubt that this cunt was recently fucked and enjoyed by someone
Because I had something to confess I tried to stay calm all the more because Kati was crying
"When you're calm come out and talk to me darling" I said and I went to the living room turned on the TV and waited while all sorts of horrible things ran through my mind from the divorce to the fights
About 15 or 20 minutes later Kati appeared in a robe under which I could see there was nothing she hadn't even taken a bath since she was crying
- I love you so much and I don't have anyone to cheat on and I've never cheated on you but unfortunately I feel like it would be better if I had an affair with someone because what I'm about to say I'm afraid you're never gonna talk to me again But I don't want to carry that secret anymore because it's driving me crazy -
She sat next to me and looked at me very sad
"Go ahead darling tell me everything and if you really love me we'll deal with whatever it is" I said and I stroked him with encouragement
 I'm starting my story a long time ago I was 14 when Karcsi (Kati's brother who died in a car accident at the age of 30) came home drunk after the prom and came into my room
- are you asleep sis? Drink with me it's too early -


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