Beach Quickie So We Don’t Get Caught

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- So does he think you're boring defeatist and stupid?
He smiled at me I nodded
- Seriously you're crying for a guy like that?
I shrugged I didn't cry after him after our lives together after our goals after everything I lost very quickly and painfully The day before the divorce was final
- You don't understand I muttered He put five fingers in my hair raised the locks and watched the sunlight shine through them
- I really don't get it Only an idiot would leave you
- Sex is not everything - I turned to my stomach
- Well no matter what kind of sex we talk about he leaned closer kissed me on the neck and then gently moved towards my shoulder - I think I've enjoyed it this much since I was a teenager
- Haven't you ever been with a woman?
He was silent for a while There were a lot of things he rarely talked about including his personal life But this time we weren't in the usual group of friends we were just the two of us in his bed with the wrinkled sheets below us
- Not that long ago Let's just say I'm not so into quantity anymoreI'm more into quality It's no use I'm getting old
 Yeah I noticed how old your tempo is
- Take that back now - he pulled the words away
- Or what?
- Or I'll have to prove you're young
- You've proven yourself enough times today
- Really? - yeah
He gently rolled his hardening manhood over me between two half-balls of my butt I sighed pulled forward so he could knock at the right entrance and then I pushed gently back He got up on his knees put his arms under my belly and put me on his knees as he slipped into me and held my hips tightly with his hands and pulled me on him vigorously at each stroke I leaned on my elbows to feel it even deeper His fingers hit my clitoris at the same time She laughed softly and then she hid hers under my palm I grabbed it and I drove it He knew what was good for me and his fingers glided rapidly on the little hood over and over again and then hid my bead I was shaking and wheezing but he always went around never really touched her I cried out in disappointment
- Shh - he turned me over put one foot on his shoulder the other on his waist - Don't be impatient  his fingers came back while his other hand glided on my chest I sprained my vagina as it stirred my nipple with delicate tuning movements - Oh oh please - I was whispering I felt his penis grow tighter inside me by the sound of my voice I pressed it and now I did it on purpose
- What do you want?
- Please don't stop yet oh my god
After my first orgasm her fingers changed to a more delicate touch He knew how to turn me on again With both my legs together he bent them sideways caressing my buttocks my breasts I felt helpless in that positionI felt more comfortable riding him I gently pushed myself to change positions
- Get some rest
I forced him onto the bed and I ended up on top of him I caressed her body and genitals with my breasts She put a pillow under her head so she could enjoy the view I used it to draw a line from my breasts through my neck to my mouth You heard him swallow I didn't put it in my mouth I just smoothed it over with my lips The answer was a disappointed sigh
- Don't be impatient - I giggled With my tongue I licked it fast and flat I wanted to eat it I loved it so much
- Getting there - he was breathing
"He's not up there" I looked up at him as I slowly put him in my mouth Our eyes connected he watched me pamper him with his eyes wide open I played with it tasted it like a delicious meal my tongue searched everywhere caressed with my lips and tongue swallowed He couldn't take it anymore so he closed his eyes and started wheezing
- You're good baby I'll be right out
He grabbed my hair to make me go faster I pushed his hand down I told him I didn't like it I took it out of my mouth and quickly licked my fingers My thumb was placed on the brake line and the rest of it was waved through at an accelerated pace plunged through the Acorn caressing the edge with the other hand in my hand his balls with my tongue in the middle sliding down to the dam He came screaming
He could only rest for a long time and then he reached out to the bedside table for cigarettes He looked at you all these little streams running down your belly
"I'll never get away with this" he grumbled but he smiled
- Does it bother you?  I looked at her with eyes wide open and then I quickly cleaned it with my tongue
- Hmmm all right then I don't understand why I can't come in your mouth


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