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I won't take it long but the point is Judith and I made a bet and she lost We agreed that if I buy he can ask for something and if he does he'll grant me a wish The truth is I was a little selfish because I knew he was tired and not paying attention so I easily won the bet no matter what it was The point is he had to fulfill one of my wishes
I asked him if I wanted to relive what he had done when he was youngerI mean he's got to go for a weekend to get fucked by some guys I didn't name names because I didn't even know who the candidates would be At first he was really mad at me for asking and Friday night we got into a bit of a fight And then on Friday night when we were making love he almost came and he said " Do you really want me to come here where you're inside me other guys are shoving their dicks in?" So I started fucking wildly and I said " Yeah I can't wait for them to shove it up your ass and pump you full of it" And then his eyes freaked out and he came At the time I thought that was how it was gonna go but Saturday morning he woke me up and said " Okay let's get started" It's up to you who and when they fuck you but you only have till Sunday
Anyway Saturday afternoon some of my friends came up they weren't close but we knew them 38 to 56 years old 4 of them Judith freaked out when she saw who they were I called him over and told him what we agreed to in front of the guys and asked him to say that he agreed to it Well you should have seen the blush when he started saying it but it was really hard for him to come out and say " Yeah I agree to let people come up here and fuck me"
And the oldest guyPeter walked up to Judith and kissed her on the lips in front of me holding her with one hand and the other he pulled her tits out of her Judit's polo shirt and started milking her harder and harder Then he took Judith's hand to her pants and shoved it down her pants Judith began to unbutton Peter's trousers as she kissed him and he began to shoot the long hard-standing big-cock
And then the other three guys hit him and I don't know if I should go into that detail but they didn't smell like Dickthere was a pretty strong smell in the room Peter stripped Judith naked and touched her tits her vagina her assthen he grabbed her in his arms bent her over the bed we're sleeping in opened up Judit's thighs and started licking her picsájátde wild Judit was pretty wet at the time and she left him moan One of the other three guys Zoli climbed up on the bed and shoved half-soft wood in Judith's mouth As she started sucking Judit the other two guys Feri and Levi climbed up on the bed milked her tits and beat their dirty dicks in front of Judith Peter stopped licking and looked at me with a question and I nodded And Peter said " here's what we came here for"and with a single thrust he pressed her dick into her cunt which was already so swollen by that time Judith was moaning like I haven't heard from her in a long time Peter's kind of a big heavy-handed but fat hairy guy so he's not an acrobat So after about three or four minutes of wild and powerful nukes he was about to release what he had up my wife's ass Judit tried to push her off but Peter and Feri pushed her down the bed and Feri shoved her dick into Judit's mouth and Peter pushed a huge one into Judit and he stuffed his dick down to the ground and he remained stiff and tense and sat in the same room as Judithand he was pumping all that shit and I thought he'd never stop After he finished he pulled her halfway out of Judit and holding her fingers around the base of his dick he squeezed and squeezed out the last drop into Judit And then he leaned over and kissed Judi on the lips and said " Thanks for keeping your ass in here so I could pour my seed into you" Thanks bitch Then he beat one on Judith's chest and climbed off it
Zoli climbed into his seat and smacked Judi with his dick in his shiny wet pussy I guess it was the sight or because he wanted it but he didn't need more than five minutes and he put a lot of it in my wife But what freaked me out was that Zoli didn't milk Judit's dick he pulled it out he went up to Judit's head and he wiped it on her face and hair but he also got his nose and he said " smell your ass" I hope you're happy we're fucking you up I've missed all that shit about you your husband doesn't want to satisfy you so now you've given yourself to others I hope you make me do it again
Apart from enjoying being fucked when Zoli came in it I could see her eyes were kind of teary mostly because she didn't want to be let in As a matter of fact he didn't want to let it go without a condom but Peter started out that way so he didn't have a lot of say and even though he looked at me I didn't say anything I wanted to see my wife fucked up


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