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I've been married to Andi for ten years Our sex life is still pretty goodwe're both in our 30s
We both had a special desire in ourselves: to take a third man into our lovemaking I know it sounds strange but when you think about it I've been with a woman a lot and I've never touched a man And that's what my partner finds exciting We talk about it a lot during sex and it turns us both on
We finally made it last year We were on vacation in Paris
The hotel cocktail bar seemed like a great place to stalk someone We're on vacation aren't we? Andi put on a tight mini-dress which carefully highlighted her feminine buttocks and her large breasts Blonde short hair showed the beauty of her face I left her alone at the bar agreed I'd come back in half an hour see if she could hook up with someone I didn't have to be disappointed in the pair: her radiant sexuality had done its part: by the time I returned she was no longer drinking alone Next to him is a large black young man and it was clear from afar that they were not only close to getting to know each other but that they were very fond of my lady I was caught up in excitement and hope The young man was also in his 30s but other than that he was not much like me perhaps at altitude His gray suit was covered with a vaulted chest and it must have been well knotted and not a drop of excess on it unlike my slight belly and my average body He was prepared for my arrival and introduction was not a surprise; on the contrary he put his hand on Andi's waist in a somewhat impertinent manner Of course it didn't bother me that much we wanted to play the game but there was something about the way my wife looked at the handsome black guy with the glistening eyes He introduced himself his name was Henry and he was a businessman I ordered another round and I watched with an eagerness that his hand had already fallen down under my wife's skirt who in opposition had slid his legs farther apart and broke the English a little more (Since we can't speak French we can only French)
To an outside observer they seemed to be a couple and I was the stranger and the thought gave way to a strong blood drive toward my lower body Fortunately there were not many people in the bar so they could not see Henry take his hand out from under my partner's skirt and offer Andi his thick wet finger who sucked his own money off with his eyes closed It was a wild moment and I couldn't wait to see him pamper that black guy's Dick
We didn't even have a lot of time to do it so we took the three of us to the elevator Inside after we left the urges got out of hand Andream threw herself into the arms of a man a head taller than he was and kissed the thick lips with a husky buzz My pants were about to explode
Their passionate couple with great difficulty undressing and stumbling in the room made it to the wide bed until finally they breathed together naked and ignored me They were beautiful and on my wife's big breasts the nipples were staring up at her wild agitation and her naked pussy was glowing with moisture The hook and the body of Henry who kissed him and his hard ass was a thrilling sight but as I saw his half-hard penis I ran into saliva in my mouth He was like six inches thick and his acorns were big and Ebony His testicles were the same size He was like a black demigod no wonder my dear had completely lost control And so when Henry slid down and began to lick the pussy of all-wet with his long tongue and his woolly head stuck between the snow-white thighs I could not stand it any longer and bending over my clothes I hurried over and kneeling down beside the bed I kissed Andi's face as I whispered in her ear all the praises of how clever and beautiful they were do whatever the man wants I would have done anything for him looking at his shapely muscular dark buttocks My partner spread his legs as wide as possible to give his occasional partner access to her beautiful Syrians They were both gasping like crazy but I was no different Then they switched places and suddenly there was this magnificent and powerful cock which my Andrea had wildly indulged with a large spit He probably didn't even know where he was anymore but he just fell down in front of the black phallus idol and shoved it in his mouth drawing lustful grunts from Henry's lips I wanted to help him lick the beautiful penis and put the swollen testicles in my mouth but I felt it was not my time yet
I've never seen my wife like this before she was wild and obsessed and then she pulled the black guy by the tail to fill her legs with her drooling Dick Without any complications the dark spear slipped in and they made almost animal noises as he broke my sweetheart into bed and put her like a machine()


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