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It was night again and I came home late again Dinner was long cold on the table And that's when I remembered I promised my sweetheart we'd have dinner tonight As I saw he was very prepared for this Work has been at the expense of my personal life again
I heated the dinner quickly in the microwave and quickly consumed it The fatigue caught up with me and I felt my eyes closing I climbed upstairs with quiet steps but I knew sooner or later I would meet the wrath of my partner I pressed the bathroom doorknob quietly I walked in got rid of all my clothes and took a nice warm shower I wiped myself and then I dropped the wet towel on the floor behind me and I stepped into the bedroom But I wasn't prepared for that
My friend was sitting in the chair naked with her legs wide open playing with a large vibrator I knew this would be my punishment for being late The room was completely engulfed by the vibrating sound of his vibrator He looked at me and said:
- You're late And I had to change the batteries You said you'd be home in 10 minutes over an hour and a half
I tried to get closer but from the look in his eyes there was no way I could touch him today
"Lie down on the bed you must be tired" he said with a little sarcasm I started to hope that there was a small chance I lay on my back with my best view of the show But the orders came
- Get down You just didn't think you could watch The show started an hour and a half ago so you can join us that much later
- To us??? I asked him and he nodded his head towards the other dark corner of the room That's when I saw another figure That's when I remembered another piece of Information: his girlfriend came to visit and dinner wasn't just for the two of us
She was standing there in a little nightgown and she was just looking at it My girlfriend didn't stop for a second and she kept pushing the vibrator deeper and deeper into herself
- Turn Come on - Orders came in again What could I do? I turned around That's when I heard from the footsteps that Kriszti was walking towards my partner and began to whisper softly And then they ended the little conversation with a laugh They both left the room and I was left alone with the vibrator I left on I didn't move A few moments later they came in and blindfolded me They put a headset on my ear and turned on some house music from my iPod At that time I could tell the difference between the two girls because Kriszti's nightgown sometimes touched my naked body I didn't think the girl could make such a thing out of her but my friend Kira has a very good persuasion I waited for what would happen but more minutes passed in my loneliness with the loud music on my ear There was a light on the scarf covering my eyes so I thought the light was on And I'm lying on the bed completely naked I couldn't think much about it because the way the bed was moving I could tell something was happening
And then the next second I felt the touch of an ankle first on my left and then on my right side Before I could go any further in my head I could feel my partner's pussy on my lips which was very wet I could feel the moisture all over his thigh Then I felt two hands caressing my body especially around my Manhood The touch of the warm hand and the taste of my partner's pussy gave me results I stood at attention Kira jumped off me in an instant then one of them approached me from my ankle and grabbed my Manhood I was totally caught off guard and I felt like I was getting my dick pulled by expert lips From what I could tell she wasn't my girlfriend because she didn't treat me with the usual moves and strokes of the tongue I felt a very close end but my little sucker must have felt that if he didn't stop I'd be dead in seconds


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