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I love the internship program They'll do everything I ask because they know or they'll fly And they're enthusiastic I sit in the chair Kata's head moves between my thighs and Zsuzsa is busy with Ferin Kata is very adept at kissing me though her hands are tied behind her back so I must hold her by her ponytail But it's not just his hot mouth that makes me wet it's the way I look at Feri's prancing cock in and out of Zsuzsa's mouth Sometimes the girl drifts towards the bullets while pumping the Prancing Dick He's obviously enjoying it even though he can't take it in His other hand caresses his wet pussy rubs his clitoris and moans softly Feri grabs his head pulls Zhuzsa's mouth over his dick and starts to fuck his mouth with slow long strokes as he screams loudly I see your eyes start to fade and I'm forced to stop them
- Hey you can't leave yet you hear me? I'll tell you when
With that I'll put one on Kata's butt for torque It makes him flinch but he gently sucks my clitoris I feel like I don't need much if you keep this up And he goes on he suckles my clitoris sometimes bites it gently and then rubs it with his tongue And I can feel it coming it's coming from deep down my back is tense I'm pushing my hips on the hot mouth I'm pulling them close to me while I'm moaning and I'm coming
- Lick me That's it that's it Yeah Aaah
I can feel my fluids flowing as I slowly calm down Feri looks with his eyes bulging his tail trembles slightly while Zsuzsa spoils the Acorn He's rubbing his pussy faster and faster he's about to leave And then he just takes the Dick pulls the little ones rubs it on his face while he shakes softly with pleasure Her eyes glare out into the void her face filled with angelic joy as she slowly returns to reality
– All right Well somebody else is coming - I'll tell them before Frank gets himself caught - Come on Zhuzsa lie down under Kata and lick her pussy a little while she gets fucked by Feri Then don't leave me Feri because you'll fly right away I'll tell you when
They're moving slowly I can see Feri holding his dick and slowly pushing it into Kata's pussy The brown girl enjoys hard cock and Kata's nimble tongue so much she forgets about me I have to keep his head on my pussy like that but he's not really great he's just breathing and moaning I can feel her orgasm coming on just like Feri's having a hard time holding on I guess Kata's helping him with that too sucking his balls with enthusiasm And he's rubbing himself against my leg like I don't see him And then I lose control All I can do is nod to Frank who's been watching me for a minute Hold Kata's waist tighter and he starts stabbing her long deep Kata doesn't need any more and in that moment she shrieks with joy Underneath it Zsuzsa moans softly but she's too busy dealing with herself because Feri gets her dick out and shoots her jizz on Kata's pussy dripping on the face of the girl with the short hair who greedily spits on the hot drops
- You think this is over? What about me? You were just moaning instead of kissing my ass And you can't control yourself Now you will be punished
With that I threw Kata on the table with a stomach and tied her legs and hands to the table's legs And I put Feri against the wall to watch the following
And then I went to Zsuzsa and I kissed her We kissed a long gentle kiss I could taste the Dick the jizz and Kata's pussy in his mouth It made me crazy Then I pushed his head down which he understood and he kneeled in front of me He licked my pussy slowly gently as he pushed a finger in I felt like I was leaving again so I set up Zsuzsa
- Put this on - I ordered him to and I gave him a strap-on vibrator When he picked it up I led him to Kata and slowly pushed the dildo into the still wet pussy


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