Observed and fucked in the maldives – little caprice

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My dear wife I want you to know how I imagine a sexual role-playing game I've always wanted things to be the way I want them to be I'm not saying We have bad sex the way we're doing it right now but it's not complete for me Sometimes I want something extra And I'm going to write this down for the public to know what I want in my soul (body)
It's afternoon We're getting ready for a restaurant to celebrate At the restaurant we have a nice dinner a little racy jokes a few kisses You don't have to overdo it You're wearing the dress I prepared: a transparent blouse no bra let everyone see your beautiful breasts a skirt over the knee a fine lace thong underneath suspenders stockings and high-heeled shoes You're very hot about it but you know that Before dessert I'm gonna lean over to you and kiss you and then I'm gonna ask you to do one thing: go to the bathroom and take off your panties I get a look of love in reply and you're gone behind the door When you come back you'll hand me the garment You want to leave quickly because you're a little uncomfortable but you're also excited about being naked under the skirt and the blouse We're losing the world around us and after dessert we start kissing wild
I get the signal I pay the check and we go home fast After we enter the apartment I'll lock the door take you into the bedroom and I'll blindfold you with a cloth prepared in advance Then I'm gonna take a rope in my hand and I'm gonna stand in front of you and I'm gonna hold you and I'm gonna kiss you for a long time You're getting excited about what I'm seeing from your air grip I'm gonna step away from you I'm gonna take your hands and I'm gonna put them behind you and then I'm gonna kiss you and tie you up in the back You're becoming vulnerable but at the same time you're getting more and more aroused by the fact that now only my wishes can come but they won't be bad because we talked about what's free and what's not
I step back again and you're standing in the middle of the room with your hands tied blindfolded I'm gonna unbutton your blouse and I'm gonna gently caress your breasts and then I'm gonna start licking your prickly nipples Taking turns getting wild And then I'm gonna take a little bite and you're gonna take a loud sigh to acknowledge it Other times you caress my head with your hands and you try to stuff your breasts in my mouth even more but now your hands are not moving I'm biting harder and harder and when I'm hurting you you're going to tell me quietly I'll stop But only with my mouth With my fingers I'll start caressing them again and I'll massage your nipples harder and harder You like it too ' cause you're breathing faster and louder And then with your nipple I start shaking your breasts gently I like to watch them swell With one sudden move I'm gonna grab you both in the chest and I'm gonna push you wildly And as soon as I started I'm gonna stop I'm gonna step back and watch You are very beautiful While I watch I get rid of my clothes
Of course you're still afraid of what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go over there again and ask you what you want I'll do anything for you just don't hurt me there's an answer Oh I like that I'm gonna start caressing your nipples again but just briefly and then when you're starting to feel good I'm gonna slap you both in the chest With a sudden breath and a little scream you tell me what I'm doing is good for you too And then I'm gonna stroke it again and I'm gonna hit it and I'm gonna stroke your breasts again and I'm gonna hit it again but I'm gonna hit it harder Then I take turns petting them working out and flapping them You're getting more and more intense about every move you make Suddenly it's quiet again I'll stop I'm gonna tell you on your knees and open your mouth and I want you to put my dick in your mouth Slowly but you do it and you start licking me gently I'm gonna grab your hair and I'm gonna turn you and you're gonna have my dick in and out of your open mouth I'm going to stick it deeper and deeper and you're going to start moaning because I pushed it a little too far But it's not time for us to enjoy it yet so I'm gonna take your lollipop away from you
I'm gonna set you up and I'm gonna put your skirt up on your waist I see your wet pussy that excites me even more I'm gonna spread your legs and rub your bald pussy You're sighing so hard I'm going to pet him a few more times to get you more excited And then I'm gonna grab your pussy by pressing my middle finger right into it You start breathing hard but I'm gonna take my finger out and slap your pussy The sudden pain will lower your excitement but I'm going to start caressing you again very gently When it feels good to you I'm gonna hit it again bigger than before A lecherous don't hurt me out of your mouth which tells me you enjoy the game I'm gonna stroke it again and then I'm gonna hit it and I'm gonna stroke it again and I'm gonna hit it again You keep telling me not to hurt you but I know you're just trying to increase the lust in both of us You can barely stand on your feet when I stop Your pussy is all wet and I have a hard dick and you're asking me to fuck you But now is not the time because I haven't even played with your ass yet I'm gonna put you on your hands and knees and I'm gonna ask you to lift your butt so I can admire it I'm gonna start stroking it and then I'm gonna grab it and I'm gonna hit it hard Now you can't hold your breath and you're gonna come up loud and loud and I'm gonna caress you again and I'm gonna slap you I especially like this game with your butt I'm gonna stop and I'm gonna start kissing her and licking her
I'm just touching you with my tongue and I'm getting closer to the bottom of your ass and I'm gonna lick it gently I'm going to lick it gently and I'm going to rub your pussy again which is dripping with excitement I'm gonna stop kissing you and I'm gonna slowly stick one of my fingers in your vagina and I'm gonna pull it out just as slowly Don't say a word or I'll come out of your mouth and I'll punch your pussy three times in a row Sudden pain makes your excitement a little less intense I won't touch you for a few seconds I'll lick my fingers When you start waiting to see what happens to you I suddenly stick two fingers down your pussy and pull it right out You raise your hips very lustily when you moan I'm gonna pull it out again but I'm gonna hit your pussy real quick so you don't cum ' cause I can tell you can't take it anymore We're gonna rest for a few seconds again and then I'm gonna put four fingers in your pussy and I'm gonna push it in I don't usually do this kind of thing and it's pushing you a little bit but the lust is stronger than the pain With my other hand I reach out to your chest and grab you hard You're ecstaticyou want fulfillment so badly It's quiet but it's very lustful fuckit'll be out of your mouth by the time I get my hand out of your pussy I'm gonna set you up I'm gonna take you to the bed and I'm gonna push you over I'll force your legs apart even though you won't fight me
I'm gonna lay on you and I'm gonna pull my dick all over you and I'm gonna start fucking you like a bitch You moan louder and louder and you can't hold yourself and you let all the inhibitions out of you and you cum with me in loud breathing It's gonna be a few minutes before I get out of you but you're still lying on the bed I'll tie your hands and take the bandages off your eyes and admire how beautiful you are


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