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Our third meeting
Between the first and the second time we met it was three weeks Then we had to wait a long time for our next meeting But now it's only been two days I must admit I'm under a great deal of stress I didn't feel the same way about you as my girlfriend when I fell in love with her It was different this time I didn't think you were my love I thought you were more of a physical and spiritual friend with whom we understand each other in every way I could tell you about the things we have in common for hours and that made us more connected than sex But who cares? Our physical relationship was the fruit of this tree But what a delicious fruit It still feels good to think of us huddled together huddled together in the small room of the bed-and-breakfast side-by-side waking up from our sleep after our game I moved first but I regretted it because in that moment you woke up I was lying behind your back holding you tight I enjoyed the feeling of your butt against my groin I couldn't see your face when you were sleeping and I was curious which is why I raised my head in case
As we came to our senses we slowly rose from the double bed and aimed at the tiny bathroom to freshen up There was a simple shower booth waiting for us which of course we shared with each other because of course our first priority is environmental protection leaving as little as possible knuckle marks and avoiding waste water That's the only aspect that led us to the idea of taking a shower together - Hehe It was very unpleasant for both of us when we shared a cream-like shower gel (a little too much) on each other's bodies when we cleaned each other thoroughly in the more intimate areas when we had to stand a little further apart because there was little room between us"aah"that was very unpleasant Hehe - The fact that our shower together took four or five times more water than if we were taking separate showers none of us really cared at the time Aside from the fact that we've gotten really well into the full part of the grooming experience there's nothing going on between us But we got very clean
Two days isn't much time so I was still fresh off the memory of our last encounter when we met again I had to go to GyÅ‘r for a new job I'll tell you the truth I tried to argue with my boss " why me?"and" why now?” and I tried to say the Great death of what a problem and all but inside I was thrilled to be able to go and look forward to being ordered to do so - Well my friend life is cruel That's your loss Hehe  Oh and I didn't say two whole days I didn't even want to believe that such luck existed
Like a zombie I went on the road I didn't see it I didn't hear it I just went on ahead and nothing else could keep me busy except when I'd get there Train station people train set - up take-off travel landing transfer travel These things happen to me like when the TV's on in the background the show's on but you're talking to someone online You know what's happening but you don't live in it That's how it went until my train stopped at Győr station I was the first one at the door to get off as soon as possible
The moment you saw me my head was peeking out of the train door looking for you You immediately made a quick wave but with that move you knocked the cap off the head of the railroad man coming from behind you and passing by I couldn't stop laughing and for a long moment I was stuck on the stairs The people who came after me didn't understand what was wrong with me so they just stood behind me surprised until I realized the situation I got off the train fast You and the railroad man were trying to get the hat together while you kept explaining to him " Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry" I laughed softly and came to you The railroad man dusted his hat while forcing a heartfelt smile on his face and then left We hugged each other and broke out laughing We got a lot of attention but we didn't really care It's been a long time since I've laughed and the reason for that was the scene that just took place but the only thing that gave me the edge was that we could be together again We went to my hotel which the company booked for me A bigger duffel bag and a backpack were all the things I dropped off at the lodge and we were on our way We came from the train station and went to the train station To be exact Bahnhof where Győr is going to a party()


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