Best of Anal – Hart in den Arsch

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I came back to the bedroom with a big tray in my hand It had jam buns butter coffee soft eggs and wieners on it I put her in bed with us and I sat in it
"Ah what delicious delicacies" said The Little Man filling the coffee with a cup and putting the kettle on the bedside table I thought it was to keep her from freaking out Meanwhile I cut the buns in half and butter them Pityu started eating eagerly
- You want some soft eggs? - I asked you innocently Pityu had a good laugh
- Aren't you a little selfish? - he asked
"Maybe it's so bad for you" I smiled at him with a naughty smile
"No" he shook his head " but I would rather have a sausage"
"That too" I said unequivocally
- You can have double
- Oh yeah? How?
"Lie on your back" said Pityu I knew what was coming and I was very excited to fall on my back with my equipment in the direction of Pityu He breathed a light kiss first on my right then on my left knee and then gently spread them He took one of the wieners and checked to see if it was cold enough and then pulling out my lips he gently stuck the wiener in me so that some of it would stick out
I laughed but at the same time I got excited And then he took the mustard and no less he doused my wiener and my horny pussy with it and then he leaned over and licked the mustard and then he bit into the sausage pulling it out a little bit And then he filled it with mustard again but with it all over my butt hole He licked it acutely and then stuck his tongue in my trembling ass I moaned I loved the game Meanwhile his hand began to run the wiener in me Soon I was filled with lust and I came Then he bit the sausage again while two fingers slipped into my butt and rested there I wished for him to move inside me but he slowly ate the sausage When they ran out he licked me
I moaned again with pleasure
'I want sweet' he said reaching for the jelly spoon and then putting a giant spoon of jam on my modesty and licking it Feel gently through every little part of me When I started to wheeze he started his hand in my butt I enjoyed it trembling I wanted to throw myself but I didn't so he wouldn't fall out of the rhythm When I was quiet he swallowed one more and then smiling he got up from under my feet
"Now it's your turn" he said turning to the dog " stroking the inside of my thigh
I got up with a shaky leg and turned around In the meantime I was pleased to see his stiff penis which he immediately dipped into me He picked up a wiener off a plate and he put a thin stripe of mustard on it While he was screwing from behind he was feeding her slowly
When he ran out he put his fingers in my mouth and caressed my tongue with them I thought it would come soon but it surprised me again It came out of me and now the mustard's on his dick
"Come and eat my sausage" he said and I ate his mustard tail It tasted funny but I enjoyed it I sucked the mustard off of it and then I swallowed it and I started sucking it violently
- Oh-I heard Pityu's lustful moan and I sensed the taste of his secretions - But you suck good he moaned I slowed downI didn't want him to come right away I wanted to give her pleasure as she has done so many times with me Before he came he took it out of my mouth pushed me on my back and he hit me I felt it coming out so I closed my eyes and focused on pleasure waiting for her orgasm
Soon the heat came from him and I came again
"We should go out and clean ourselves up" he leaned down beside me
"But I'm still hungry" I cried and I licked my finger in the jam
- What do you want? - he asked
- Butter and jelly buns
He lubricated it and he looked at me the whole time
- What are you looking at? - I asked him with a smile
 You're beautiful and I love you so much that you're in everything
- Aren't you inside me? - I took a bite of the bagel that was in front of me
"Now he did not turn me all the way towards you and I with the bagel in my hand fell on my back again" But now Pityu didn't attack me he just caressed me and watched me eat When I swallowed the last bite he picked up the soft egg and started looking at it
- It's gonna get cold and it's a shame With the spoon he separated the top and turned the contents onto my pointy breast which began to flow from it
"Pig" I laughed and he reached for the salt and salted my egg breasts and as I thought began to lick the food off of it I laughed it tickled me so much and he swallowed me with a big gulp and his fingers slid into my modesty slipped two into me and by exciting my clitoris began to suck my clean breasts My back is stretched again and I came
- Are you full? - he asked


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