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 You didn't tell me this was a nudist beach resort - said Gabriella
– I didn't know that either - I lied Lying isn't the best way to start a honeymoon but I knew my shy bride would never agree to it without a little trick And even though I love her with all my heart I know that our marriage can only be successful if she leaves her convent education behind and one of the best ways to do that is to get her to lose some clothes
- Oh god no "Gaby cried as she read the brochure  It says here that Thursday is National Nude Day and that nudity is mandatory Anyone who does not participate must leave the resort from sunrise to dusk I hope you have a good alternative If not honeymoon or no honeymoon we're going home
He dropped the brochure on the bed and ran by me with a slight sobs locking himself in the bathroom I was about to follow her knock on the door and talk to her gently but when I raised my hand I thought that Gaby now at 26 was as good-looking as any woman out there The olive-brown skin just needed a little sunshine and the shape was shapely from several hours of weekly training healthy nutrition and regular sex Her breasts were big but they were still tight I had a smile on my face as I imagined how they would jump at a naked volleyball game on the track outside our ocean-facing accomodation
I was still standing there holding my arm up when Gaby opened the door a moment later still sulking
"Well" he said " We've already paid for the week so I think we should make the most of it"
- Nudity is optional
- Except Thursday
- So we'll take a trip There's a lot to see here
"I know what sights you would be interested in" cried Gaby pointing out the window at a couple of blondes walking on the boardwalk naked holding hands  I wonder what kind of husband needs that on his honeymoon?
I've been thinking about my answer afraid to reveal my true thoughts about Gabriella's need to relax Maybe it's a bad idea to start a marriage like this to hide our reservations from our spouses Still Gaby is an eternal mover in bed and she's also a brilliant artist taking dramatic pictures of splashed acrylic We met at a gallery opening I still remember the first introduction
Gaby's friend Carla who I knew from college when she was dating Dwight my roommate said:
 Gaby I want you to meet Seth You have absolutely nothing in common so you're perfect for each other I plan to be your maid of Honor in say seven months
We all laughed and then someone called Carla so Gaby and I were all alone in the crowd
- Why did Carla say that about you? - Gaby asked I remember how impressed I was that he didn't start talking about you right away
- I think Carla's wondering why I came tonight I guess he knows why you're here
Gaby's laugh was trill like the sound of a songbird I probably fell in love with her at that moment inhaling her perfume wondering how her orange dress highlights her skin color and her flaming eyes which are gold-pressed Hazel
"I am one of the artists of the show" he explained  Can you tell me which job I like the most before I tell you which one's mine?
- It doesn't really matter I think you're happy with your work without my approval
He laughed loudly deeply like a man not pretending to be a decent lady Then he took me by the arm and showed me around the gallery with an artist's eye I became his companion that night which ended politely by giving me his number and making jokes that I would never call him
Of course I answered that challenge I showed him my passions my sailing baseball and hiking He took me to great restaurants
Carla was wrong It's been 12 months since our wedding day But she became the maid of Honor Traditionally the best man accompanies the bride but Carla forfeited that right (as I learned later she paid my buddy Kevin off with a blow job Hearing that I told Kevin they should have a threesome with Carla and her wife
"I told you the night I introduced them to each other that they had nothing in common and they would make a perfect couple" said Carla - Let's hope the sex is good
It seemed as if he wanted to raise his glass to a toast and then fell back into his chair and added:
 I hope you checked this out before the wedding night


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