Mistress whips slave so hard that she releases her bladder

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My husband and I had a nice marriage He was my first in every way We've been together almost 10 years it's been a real college crush There were two of us And then on his part it sort of went away Her wild love for me has subsided in respect He respected me because I used to pull him out of a big hole because I was different from the others but that's it When he married me I felt like our love was eternal I don't think so anymore I'm still madly in love with her but I'm suffering more and more from her absence We live next to each other but it's not like we're friends anymore Sometimes we'd have giant sex with each other but like a wild storm they'd be quiet and nothing happened again I wanted more But cheating never crossed my mind There were several reasons for that On the one hand I loved her like crazyshe was my life I'm an old-fashioned girl loyalty is not a duty my partner my partner for better or for worse On the other hand I didn't want the bad-hearted to see me as someone who had told me that I had failed with my damn principles I wouldn't have had the stomach for itI couldn't have hurt him And she didn't want to leave me Unfortunately it was only recently discovered that he had a completely different reason It wasn't because of love I was born into a rich family and he wasn't But I thought what was mine was hers He dreamed up his dream business and I financed it for him You did well and I was happy to make you happy I wouldn't say he spent all ten years with me for money but he certainly didn't want to leave me because of it He was afraid I'd bring my money But she didn't love me she wanted something else she didn't want to stay with me The only problem was that he was trying to enforce his will in an incredibly disgusting way
He's been bringing his work home a lot lately including his clients Mostly older gentlemen but we had a couple of our own I didn't talk to any of them muchI just offered them Cookies and coffee like a proper wife My husband was obviously proud of me and the show was going to the outside world that we were the enviable perfect couple There was one guy though who got my attention He was Matthew but everyone called him " Matyi" He looked fierce like a real Italian macho man with Creole skin and dark hair although he wasn't my type I didn't like it as a man but I couldn't tell you exactly how I was affected by your radiance perhaps I was moved by your determination He was my age And he kept coming to us for reasons like that not always business He used to stay there to talk The three of us had a great time and I liked him and he had an amazing line And then at times my husband had some pressing business just the two of us But I never thought I should take advantage of itI've never seen anything like it
But my destiny caught up with me One afternoon my husband called to say he was on his way to Austria had an important meeting he's not gonna be home this weekend but Matyi needs some documents and he's coming up for it He didn't give me an exact time and I was like " I'm not gonna stand around all day getting some papers" I thought I'd get out take a look around town been in the center a long time I took a shower and washed my hair I was just wrapping the towel around me when the doorbell rang I went barefoot to answer the door It was Matyi
- Hi - hi Bad time I see - did I interrupt something?
"In a manner of speaking" I was forced to put a smile on my face " Csaba said you would come what can I do for you?
- I need some copies of the contract and a stamp
 I know where the stamp is and I think you should look for the copy of the contractI don't mess with those
- We'll figure it out
"I'll get dressed" I turned my back on him for I began to shiver a little because of the water dripping from my hair
"You're good" he continued but he failed
And I was so embarrassed I tried to put it out of my mind but at least I had to admit to myself that that sparkly smile started an interesting thrill up my spine I was trying to take a deep breath to make this weird feeling go away I got dressed and went out to the study completely relaxed
- Did you find it? - I asked in the most indifferent voice I could squeeze out of myself because I lost my balance the way he looked at me
- No I haven't But if we both look I think we'll be further ahead
"It's possible"I smiled
And I guess I shouldn't have done that Somehow he managed to get his hands on me from time to time I felt sparks coming out of her skin and I was starting to feel really bad about my skin()


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