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Zoé stood with his feet rooted in the ground in front of the large arch-door and was unable to do anything but stare at the sign on the wall above the entrance with his mouth open It's not like he could read anything from the reddish-ochre crayons flashing in neon lights that the Chinese letters meant to him However in spite of that perhaps that's what bewitched him so much The absurd image is an authentic or at least the appearance of a Chinese building with an appropriate inscription and the Christmas decoration with a loud spread around it They are bright green branches with fists of glowing red spheres in their nodes as they surround Christianity and its celebrations mostly known only by reputation and not very fond of the Far Eastern symbols along with other religions because of the communism of the last decades
All of this alone would not have been a difficult problem to overcome I mean we live in a multicultural world and as much as this building suggests it's not China I mean Zoé thought breathlessly exhaling from the warmth of her body the air became humid in the cold outside in December the coming Christmas is very much in place here And the Chinese have a place all over the world
But what confused the whole picture even more was that even though he couldn't read the inscription he knew exactly what it said And not just because he was standing on a giant glass door in the middle of the front arch in three-foot latin letters especially since he wasn't looking Pretty much everyone in the neighborhood knew that name and that name as well as cover Fung-Hee
Zoe couldn't believe she was here In front of the city or at least one of the most famous bars in the area some say the most notorious And maybe what struck him was that he knew exactly what was waiting for him inside not out there Although it may even happen that the former is vastly more opposite to the latter than the latter
You never thought you'd be standing here shivering in the late December snow but you're more than ready to go But his girlfriends were adamant
- Hey birthday boy - Herta's voice snapped like a whip in the air  Are we gonna stand here all night and freeze or are we gonna go in there?
Zoé stealthily looked at the short girl as she tried to warm herself with a humiliating stomping of Michael Flatley as she put her hands in her coat pocket her neck pulled into her scarf and her shoulder-length wavy chestnut brown hair rolled over her head like a tent Not that the last one heated anything Zoé couldn't resist smiling at her as the ever-moving girl eagerly awaited to dive into the inner pleasures Even though he devoured life with both hands it would have been hard to imagine him in a place like this chasing girls but you always learn something new And nothing surprised Zoe when it came to Herta Besides that
'Only once or eighteen years old' said Alex The tall platinum-blonde girl stood as motionless as if she had already frozen to ice If she didn't know that those blue eyes were always so cold and yet so friendly Zoé would have even thought it was true - Use it "he was distracted by his thoughts as his less-spoken friend had finished his sentence"
"Yes" said Herta nodding cheerfully  After all it's the holidays and our little Zoe is finally legal Why don't we celebrate?
It's a funny way to celebrate Zoé's got her mouth shut Although it was a very good fit for your 18th birthday
It was strange to think those three were almost the same age The tall measured Alex could have easily lied a few years to his age although when his usual mischievous smile on his face the number of extra years he could use was significantly reduced But if he had ignored it few would have believed that the short perpetual motion grinning Herta was not much younger than him by many years And I don't know if the three of you are the youngest of the shy withdrawn Zoe even if it's only for a few months
But by Christmas all three of them had turned 18 and that was all that mattered
Perhaps he pondered too long again because it was Alex who slowly grew up next to him and amicably ruffled his hair
- Let's go inside shall we? - she smiled at him - It doesn't get any easier And believe me you're gonna enjoy it
Zoé quickly fixed her black curls and lifted her brown face from behind the thick scarf where she hid her chestnut eyes from the cold and raised her friend's eyes to the bright blue irises in the middle of Alabaster's face so that she could nod slowly


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