Public Agent brunette Talia Mint sucks and fucks outdoors

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I don't know what kind of place you work my dear female reader but there are jobs where the boss sometimes wakes up in a bad mood and at home with the wife he's got testosterone in his veins And here you are the hot attractive secretary you can't have that makes her hard on you never a smile or a word of encouragement Just cold instructions
You like your boss you put on makeup in the morning sometimes you put on a shorter skirt and you try to serve him everything But he pretends not to notice me
Once just coffee you get her but wandering about in thought awkwardly touch the cup after and you accidentally spill your pants I will be upset and scolded for everything but that didn't scare me rather it excited me grabs the arm and a strong will but it's not rough it didn't hurt was very apologetic but as warm brown eyes looking excited there escalates that thin little shirt over hard nipples and finally finally noticed the boss You see how his eyes go round and he goes right to you
A gay trait appears in his voice but he still speaks harshly to you threatening to fire you Suddenly he stops and in a quieter voice he asks you to wash your pants when you've dirty them He doesn't take off his pantshe sends me out for cleaning supplies You start rubbing it with a piece of stain remover right around his fly telling you not to rush not to wear out his expensive suit pants It's not enough to get his expensive suit pants dirty you can't even clean it You can feel his dick hardening which turns you on and slowly you're not even holding the rag anymore you're holding the boss's tool with your hand as you look up at him with a fit smile
Once you're up to speed he asks you to stop take off your pants you can't clean them like that He's ordering you to take it off and you're happy to open it but the situation has got you so excited you can't help yourself and even if he's rushing you you're gonna open it nice and slow and pull it down his boxers are gonna tear apart You're gonna ask him if he didn't have coffee in his underwear? You smooth it over you got his dick in your hand You answer No but he says you've spent so much time cleaning his pants that he may have dried his coffee in his underwear asking you to smell his underwear You lean closer but not close enough he pulls your head over and sticks his dick in your nose He asks you if you feel anything but all you feel is the masculine heavy smell of phallus that turns you on even more You're getting wet your breathing's getting heavy he's not satisfied with your performance right now and he wants you to take a deep breath into his underwear are you sure it's not coffee? You're sniffing around on your own rubbing your nose all over his junk stealing a kiss every once in a while Let him go
No he says you have to take off those pants he wants you to pull them down but very slowly You pull it down nice and slow and you see a beautiful straight hard cock with a big Acorn You love acorns that shape especially licking the edges like you're licking a molten ice cream on a funnel…
The magic of the moment or maybe you're feeling pretty strong now you want to take it right away Your boss pulls it away and he tells you he's not paying you for fun at work so you better focus on your work It will dictate you must write a letter But first you have to take off everything you have only in panties thigh-pack and you can wear high heels You buy a notepad but you can't sit down and your boss throws you against the table and you have to take notes while your boss starts to grease your ass and around your Tushy and under your panties while you're dictating you can't listen because ever since then his hard cock has been slow-pressed down on your ass sometimes slapping it But he doesn't settle for it he sticks it between your panties and your body and he moves it from the waist to the waist which is what you love most about when it's between the sides of your butt and it just goes up and down You really want her to just pull her panties aside)


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