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I came to Querud by myself We had this one-week trip planned months ago but in the end it was different for everyone I was sure if I had to I'd crawl away on the floor I ended up staying alone in a four-person room but I waited too long to be away from everything and everyone for a whole week with zero reception and minimal network coverage The accommodation wasn't exactly a Hilton but it was perfect You don't go down to Lake Balaton to sleep Young people operated a small cottage with several apartments enthusiastically youthful loose and flexible It was a good week Nothing really happened until Wednesday I booked a little trip but only up to the purchase of the mandatory refrigerator magnets I spent most of my time on the beach with my hunting eyes neatly hidden under a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses Because admittedly the main goal would have been a casual but passionate adventure God forbid we have a complicated relationship I needed someone to put me on the wall and fuck me until I begged No responsibilities no responsibilities no security of course
However contrary to my expectations the supply was rare and I was hardly interested in anyone Maybe choosing the north coast wasn't the best idea But I trusted the best Then Wednesday morning the shit hit the fan I was just annoyed that someone had already for the second time this week removed the water I put on my coffee or my coffee while I was taking a shower when someone next door came out The invisible man 'Cause so far he's barely made a sign of his existence other than disappearing my coffee In fact I didn't see him come out this time and I was standing with my back to the door by the sink and all I could feel was his hot breath on my neck He took his mp3 earphones out of my ear and with an organ that makes you feel like a daughter he simply said:
- Sorry about the coffee
I turned around to repay you for your annoying behavior with some rudeness but I was destroyed the moment I saw you and smelled you Some of my nerves have snapped He probably knew exactly what effect it would have on women because all he could do was smile at me for not being able to speak I thought it was only in cheesy romance novels but that feeling was indescribable I couldn't get away from her eyes He's the type written in the book Dark hair Horrorist green eyes Creole skin Naughty isn't the word for it He was the kind of guy you could imagine anything bad in a good way of course That's the typical bad guy
- Now just breathe out and change
I still couldn't talk and it was embarrassing He came closer and it was like a lightning bolt cut between us I finally came out of the trance and took a step back If I don't good upbringing and morals or not I'm gonna throw myself at him I was hungry for a wild overwhelming fuck but common sense was still pulsating delicately somewhere
- I'm Balázs Who can I respect behind your mysterious silence?
- Is he mocking me?- I was finally starting to get angry again but now I felt so theatrical that I was mad at a cup of coffee
 The one who could kill me for his coffee right now I'm Judit- We shook hands more lightning I don't understand anyone who can only feel the tingling because at that moment I thought the Violet arches would be in the dark after the Lightning Balázs swallowed one too I wasn't sure I could keep up the appearance of untouchables for long In fact I wasn't even sure I'd made it this far
- Come on I'll buy you a cup of coffee–he smiled so hard that I came in my place - Oh my god what could he do to me?
"I am deeply moved by your chivalry I accept your invitation" I said with a smile which I hope seemed more confident than I first thought " I will be ready quickly
I tried to walk past him but my shoulder touched his upper arm I knew if he touched me again common sense would do me a favor I assume Balázs knew exactly that He didn't move I managed to get to my room I closed the door I blew the air out and I thought it was the best I could do I went to take a shower and I tried to soothe my imagination and my aching senses I took off my tight pyjamas shirt and that's when I remembered that Balázs saw me in it I think I'm blushing to my toe I was standing in the middle of the room with my panties all red and wheezing I couldn't get it together But I didn't have time The door opened and Balázs entered with a look on his face I didn't have the presence of mind to get something in front of me It was unnecessary though()


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