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Before I go into second wish I'd like to share a little story with you
I've written before that I work as an engineer but I haven't told you about the girls ' work even though it might have been important Anyway now Josy's parents owned a company that designed built and rented costumes They worked both for theaters and for smaller events If there was a request for a costume that wasn't available they'd design it and manufacture it Josy was born into this world and he's been at home in it to this day Although he was never interested in making clothes and other ingredients he also found his place She studied makeup and masquerade and she says she loves this job You'd think he'd love this job because of the challenging masks and their success but you're wrong There is no greater experience for him than dressing a little girl or even a grown woman and then adding a little princess makeup to it When they see themselves and their beauty fills up with confidence there's no better feeling
Although after his parents ' death the company was slightly downsized he was still in the business with his stepmom Donna If you're going to work you have to imagine it locally at a costume shop Donna runs the business she's the one who picks up the outside orders but Josy's the one who's ultimately responsible for the end result He goes out to the outside with his giant toolbox and does miracles with his clients
If you know this background then maybe you can understand better why I'm grateful to them that they barely use make-up when they can They're just trying to be as natural as they can for my sake and not put themselves out whether they have to or not Of course casual make-up is an exception but they still do it proportionally In case you haven't figured it out by now I'll tell you how much I love these two women
Just think these two beautiful women who are beautiful love sex and they love role-playing and I'm not doing it Let's just say I've had Cinderella and Snow White at the same time Of course it's part of the deal that I saw the big-dick Snow White fuck Cinderella after me and I sucked her dick but that's the absolute norm for us Even though I came home that night tired and all I wanted to do was go to bed these two miracles made me go through several rounds before I went to sleep
An older colleague of mine once told me that when he goes home after a long absence to his younger wife who was planning an intimate tournament that day all he ever says is that if you set it up you get it
Somehow I feel like Josy and Donna would get to the setup part even if I was half dead
Now you know the type of background girls have so I can start with the story I'd like to share with you
It's been a typical long week At work as usual every deadline was one week so we worked late every day but everything we had to do was done on time I was completely empty and all I could do was stare at myself All I wanted was to come home and have a seed dinner have a nice cold beer listen to the girls chat and then go to bed
As I entered the house the ground floor was covered with darkness only light was drawn from the direction of the upstairs bedrooms I looked in the kitchen and I was happy to see that dinner was ready and there was beer in the fridge As I began to eat my ears began to get used to the lack of noise outside and I heard more and more what sounds were coming from upstairs
They were unmistakable The typical sounds of sex the moans the rhythmic shrieks so I have no doubt why they don't sit next to me and list the events of the day right now between my date and her mother From what I've heard I could easily tell that it's not a lick-off day it's a really hard fuck Of course in their case it would have been difficult to guess which one of them would play which role Because my whole week was like this at work I couldn't really spend more time with any of them and knowing their needs I wasn't surprised at the thought of them fighting Tired or not I was just curious Don't get me wrong we can't talk about jealousy in this family anymore Even though it was strange to get used to it I don't even feel that way anymore
I finished my dinner in about five minutes and I went upstairs with beer in my hand Originally all I had planned was to signal them that I'd come and leave them alone but when I saw them I couldn't leave the sight


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