WBP005 – After client went home

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The crew passed through the ship's ramp with uncertain steps The condensed zirconium door finally opened and Escobar carrying the Mexican flag entered the planet's Earth
 I take possession of this planet in the name of my country - he screamed and stuck the flagpole in the pink sand The flag fluttered in the wind and whispered uplifting
"Take off your Helmets" said the captain
- You sure the air's good in here? - Claudia was uncertain
- The instruments don't cheat and then Escobar to set a good example tore off his asbestos mask and sipped deep from the planet's air He was satisfied with his white teeth which made another impression on the women
"You are so brave" whispered Claudia
- It's nothing It's pretty damp in here but the air is good " said Escobar
They all took off their helmets and their suits They looked around
The island was like an overexposed recording of a tropical island The Shape of the trees was foreign but the sea the beach and the sky were right except for their color However it certainly seemed like a habitable world
Paolo was the only one who wasn't too enthusiastic It was because he was afraid of the sea As a child her sister was eaten by a giant mutant lobster on the Mosquito Coast five years after the tragic nuclear disaster in Costa rica Eight-year-old Paolo watched him devour the screaming 17-year-old brother of the disgusting monster from whom the lobster tore off his bikini and legs and consumed his entire body
The Navigator shuddered and stopped near the ship He didn't want to get any closer to the beach which was being attacked by giant yellow waves
The other three crew members however were intoxicated by the feeling of freedom after all having spent five years in the narrow Thunderstar and with all due care laughing threw off their clothes and began to dance naked
Paolo had a hard-on for the way he looked at women who didn't have any panties on Jeanne's backside was particularly attractive when she leaned forward her cave was visible and it glistened with moisture The girl was completely shaved unlike Claudia who was wearing a cute stylized stripe
The Navigator saw that the two women were completely hooked on Escobar who meanwhile emerged from his silk bottoms revealing his three-inch bald and circumcised tail Jeanne couldn't control herself anymore she grabbed the male member and dragged him to the water Claudia followed them too stroking the captain's Broad back with the elaborate sawmills twitching like wires
Paolo didn't want to see Escobar hump women He looked back at the ship feeling dizzy from the stampede He knew someone had to watch the instruments who knows what would happen Just because this island is new to Majorca doesn't mean there aren't dangers While you were sitting behind the console the Navigator was proud of you for being so grown-up
His tail however persistently throbbed in his trousers


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