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It was the beginning of the winter Foundation and my team and I were invited to one of the city's elite hotels After the mandatory protocol events the girls me and a few of the people around the team had a chance to experience the hotel's experiences in the spa After a casual gym practice everyone went out and dressed in Bath clothes and started the free program I started with a sauna and then I thought I'd go to one of the swimming pools outside As the rain dripped softly I went to the covered area and that's where I met Laura I settled down next to him without a word and the water was bubbling under him and he was massaging his back and I can see he's enjoying it I gave myself over to the bubbles and then we got closer and closer I caressed her body but we didn't say anything and then we looked together and climbed out of our bed We hugged each other in the water and we kept turning and I kissed him
Soft gentle the water was in and the rain was soft but every drop of rain was heard We didn't talk we just kissed we didn't have to tell we just had our history and our training camp adventure I had a feeling this afternoon was going to be quite an event We started to kiss more and more and the rain started to start and we went into a hidden corner of the covered area which was separated There were three of these little retreat places and we hid in one of them We were more like each other here and we weren't just kissing anymore I pulled her bra aside and started licking and pampering her huge breasts and she was stroking my head and enjoying my tongue more and more With one hand he kept reaching into my loosened pants and then we were leaning against each other and I pulled his bathing suit aside and started fingering his sweet little pussy It was very tight but my fingers were expanding though I didn't want to upset her very much When he got used to my two fingers I pulled out my dick which was really hard and I put it in his pussy and I touched his clitoris a couple of times and he looked at me and he said:
 I want you to stick your dick in my pussy
I didn't need any more and I immediately shoved my dick down his tight pussy His body was frozen we were both tense and we didn't move for a few seconds just enjoying ourselves as we finally met We started kissing and then I started fucking and my dick kept going in and out of her pussy It was tight but it was getting more and more excited and expanding and my big dick was filling up his pussy We've both missed each other since we haven't been together in a long time We enjoyed every single push but only quietly believe us it was just a warm-up Then we looked for a splash someone surprised us and went into the little hideaway next door We heard whispering women and male voices and then we heard them kissing We stopped moving because we didn't want to get caught even though the couple next door was kind of in tune with each other
After a while we listened to a bang and a louder female pleasure I climbed up the wall of our hideout and I looked through it and I saw a buddy of mine who was doing some fitness training for my team screwing one of my players from behind They got really into it and didn't care I let myself back in with Laura and we quietly left the place and swam out to the exposed part This is where we split uphe goes to the girls in the pool I go to the guys in the pool The minutes passed when I asked if we were going to go to the steam room My colleagues didn't want me so I went alone No one on the team joined so I went into the cabin alone I wet it pretty good to get some steam in case anyone surprises me I didn't have to be disappointed because a minute later Laura came in took the page and she was pulling my pants down He knelt in front of me and started sucking wildly using his mouth and drooling all over the place and then he put my dick in his throat and sucked it so hard I set it up again I pulled the panties over it and then I put my back on my dick Once again the hard dick slipped down to the root and he said it with a louder pleasure He stood up and began to ride and now he was dictating the pace and he moved fast and enjoyed loud and our bodies were snapping and it was very hot and the water was pouring down on us and the hot steam was burning down our throats while we were enjoying it I opened the bra and I held Laura's huge breasts with both hands and she rode faster and faster and I knew what she wanted
He was squeezing his butt moving and I was helping him with one hand and I started massaging his clitoris and it got him even more excited and about a minute later he came screaming She'd get off me kiss me straighten her bra and panties on and suck two on my dick to say good-bye and she'd walk out with her ass wrapped around her It's the second time we've been together and I haven't left yet My dick was throbbing and it was huge so I had to brush away all my thoughts so I could go out with people It took time but it worked()


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