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After a grueling revised workday we met at the mall whistling still in the winter wind We were in a hurry a quick kiss and then we ran home on the ugly yellow tram In the words of the other we were bidding on each other to tell each other the events of the day knowing that everyone was interested in your experience we almost ignored each other
We came to the warm apartment hungry frozen The usual mess of Bachelor paddies piles of undressed clothes loose ties tucked-up bedspread the remnants of a couple of cans of beer consumed this week the ruins of the guys ' Sunday poker party in the living room
The Coats came off in the hall and my partner proudly pulled himself out of his new linen blouse The rough yet fine material stretched on its strong round breasts and the Little Lifeguards holding the whole line of tiny buttons were able to bind the front of the blouse tightly I complimented her though the enormous breasts even wrapped like this had a greater effect on me than the garment itself
I saw the beautiful look but I tried not to show how much I appreciate the way he devours me with his eyes I pushed him away like his only desire was hot tea and a quick dinner I followed her into the bathroom smirking listening to her grumbling about "all kinds of starving women" I surprised him from behind while he was looking for his sweatpants
As I finally saw the pants under two wrinkled towels I felt curious caressing fingers at the edge of my shirt The fingers glided gently on my waist with his nails excruciating and scratching approaching my groin in ever-narrowing circles but not reaching it My body reacted to the gentle touch but my brain didn't I just stood there and enjoyed the gentle pampering
I could feel him shaking and immediately I saw that my unexpected action was not ineffective and the bulge in his underwear grew I could feel the tension the longing to touch her there but I didn't want to rush into it He did not control himself he touched my back passionately my buttocks and his mouth looked carefully for my lips His hands impatiently began to button the tight clasps of the blouse which in spite of the routine seemed to catch him
As the first buttons yielded I saw snow white's cleavage the deep valley between the hills in her bra I was overwhelmed by the desire to feel their softness their fullness Though I had not yet been able to wrap them around my fingers came alive stroking every square inch that came out He kissed me back dreamily obediently without changing his hand for a moment and flogged my desire with lazy movements which had already made me uncomfortable with the last useless piece of clothing
I watched with a smile his efforts to guide his ever-growing cock I put it there flirtatiously "you can take it off if you want"and I set off provocatively towards the murky bedroom In there he held tight to me and then he freed me from the already tortured blouse Although my desire was still waiting for you his passion was overflowing with me and I could not wait for us to hold together naked so I tried as well I was glad to see that his rod was strong but I hoped he would not be too impatient
I wanted to take it right there and I wanted to take it standing pushed it on the floor or on the bed but I knew it couldn't be done He threw away the rest of his clothes quickly - it was no longer part of the seduction for he could do to me what he wanted My cock was hard as a rock throbbing with desire to touch it As we were kneeling on the bed he put us gently between his thighs and caressed him with a soft sway and I felt his tickling giggle in my tongue seeking his tongue
First I felt his hot masculinity between my thighs from the front then from the back and every part of me wished for this powerful tool and my kill watered at the thought of it He gently stroked me with it getting closer and closer as his hands spread all over my body His big man's hands were on my breasts looking at his shape and weight With his teeth he bit me in the back of the head gently and then buried himself in a long brown hair
My fingers could barely cover the flexible piles but instead I smoothed over the flat belly the girlish hips I could smell it in my nose in which it was soon to be filled with the scent of its tender excitement While still holding me tightly with his thighs he reached out on his knees offering his muscular back to the caress I knew it was one of his most sensitive points and I didn't have to be disappointed The subtle scratches kisses and bites mixed in the massaging movements gave rise to deep longing sighs


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