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The man was excited to hear the bell She was supposed to meet him at 4: 00 in the afternoon but that was like 15 minutes past Come on His groin was about to burst and he thought about getting naked and lying on the bed Let her see who she's dealing with He was just afraid that if he got naked and jumped on the bed he'd come
He was so horny he wanted to fuck this woman He offered so much on the internet that if they weren't 200 kilometers apart he'd walk right up to him and suck his dick He's literally giving her a hard time and he's been waiting long enough to punch a woman in the mouth shoot her sperm between the lips covered in red lipstick and him because he's just as horny as a woman with semen running down her face
She sent me a picture of you had a mouth full of blowjobs kind of like the one in her "Army of lovers Obsession" video Blood-red large full lips which among other things are used to seal and suck out a swollen penis like his She also saw huge breasts in the photos She didn't send me anything about her pussy and she was a big girl anyway and she didn't really like the big ones But that mouth was worth the e-mail Ugh I wish he'd suck my dick
And then she got undressed He was as nervous as he's ever been in his life I mean he's not nervous he's nervous What's it gonna be like? What it's gonna be like to see all that cum running down her face sticking to her tongue coming out of her mouth Like those pictures you saw on your favorite amateur website every day You had no idea there were women like that who could swallow sperm His wife didn't want to hear about it and maybe that's what drove him to this little room The desire that had become so powerful on him his groin was strained his ACORN as swollen and red as ever But he stopped and he didn't touch it he didn't even touch it
It's no good he moaned She was afraid that she would come to her first touch without experiencing the phenomenal sensation of sucking her mouth He wanted to see her suck his cock roll her mouth over her testicles and while she was beating his dick with her hand sucking his balls and then putting his dick in his mouth pampering him with care Like that picture she sent me of you A young man with his legs up sat in a chair staring at the cool sky like an electric pole and she was about to bend over Huhwhat the hell is going on? When's he gonna get here?
And then there was this other picture of the man with two large tools next to the woman on his knees and the photographer caught the moment when a huge amount of cum came out of one penis aiming at the woman's face while the sperm was dripping down from the end of the other penis and the woman waited for the blessing with her mouth open Oh those lips Come on Give me a blow job
And she was willing to go after the first few e-mails He told me that he liked to suck that he liked to swallow but the important thing is to see the excited delight of rejection on a man's face cast by his mouth He liked to watch the male volcano erupt when the white sperm slammed into his face when it slowly came down to his mouth He liked to smell white goo like nothing else He wrote all this
Well come on I wish mine could be dripping down your cheeks He'll shoot the first one in his mouth No he shoots the second one in his mouth the first one in his face ' cause that's gonna be the best shot The second and Third can go in his mouth And I hope he sucks his dick for a long time until it falls off and then he licks the cum off his face
He also sent me a picture of her mouth full of semen but it was so much he couldn't even imagine who had so much seed in it He was shuddered that he would soon be addicted to the mouth of a blowjob and it would kill him I wish he were here He hasn't jerked off in two days hoping for a lot of it and she'll drown in it Huh huh what the hell
The doorbell rang The man like an arrow sprang out of bed with his completely rigid member waved painfully at the violent movement He grabbed the doorknob and tore open the door without a word She fluttered into it with blood-red lips but with blood-red lips The man saw nothing but his mouth
"Hey sorry I'm late" she said
'It's all right' said the man but he could not go any further for his partner dressed in light clothes immediately clasped his hand on his tail and shook it a few times
- I see you've been waiting Do you want me that much?
- Yeah I want you to suck my dick - words fell out of his mouth
- Blow you? I don't see why not I suppose you'd like to see your cum all over my face wouldn't you?- she flirted - and you want to see me rub it on my face?


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