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All this happened to me when I was 15my sister (Claire) was a 17-year-old girl with a pretty face
I used to look out for him every time he fucked himself with two black dildoshis ass and his pussy I've always been turned onbut I can't even come tudtamde that didn't bother me at the time
One timewhen he was in the bathroom I stood behind the closed door naked and I started peekingit was amazing to see my own sister with her 17-year-old fucking her ass and cunt with two black dildosOne careless moment the doorknob fell off and Ilike I waskicked it in the bathroom with my bare ass
Claire laughed:
- What are you stupid? Peeping peeking? -
"Yes we are" I repliedI was so embarrassed
'Come here and fuck your sister' she said funny
"I'll fuck you King" I replied trembling
Even though I had only been 15 for two weeks my dick was more limp than my dad's (18/5) but nowwhen I saw my 17-year-old sister with two (29/8) dildos banging her ass and cuntmy dick was as hard as ever (23/6) he noticed and said:
- Wow you have such a dick Steve
"Thx" I said but I was no longer embarrassed
I walked up to my sisterI gently unbuttoned her blouseI took off her panties and her jeansshe took off my camouflage pantsHe breathed a kiss on my ankle and told me:
- You're gonna be a man Steve
"Cool" I said but now I really didn't feel any confusion at all
I carefully removed Claire's skirt and her thick red sweater and started kissing her earlobeI felt I didn't need muchHe suddenly took off my boxer shorts and put my swollen dick in his mouth
"That's it you suck really good better than Mom" I said
'Mmmffffppffhh' he said kindly
"I'll be all right" I said " I'll be all right"
'Mmmffphff gluggy glugyy' he said kindly
We fell on the grass tiredAfter 30 secondsI felt like I was super horny and I wanted to fuck my sister's ass upI stood behind him and shoved my swollen dick down the narrow hole
'Oh my God Steveeeeee that hurts' he said kindly
- Why doesn't mommy hurt? - I asked mischievous
'Because Daddy's dick isn't as big as yours' he said funny
"Cool" I said
I felt like I didn't need muchso I bombed my sister's butthole with three ounces of spermand I had a blastShe came 11 timesshe was fantasticI'm fucking my 17-year-old beautiful sister's ass while she's screaming love words in my ear and biting my assI'll never forget it But that was just the beginning
"Lay down on the bed Claire" I cried Manly
"As you wisho man - namedemigod" said he trembling with tears in his eyes
"Now I will lick you like Grandpa (Thomas) has never" I said indignantly
"No way" he said
"It'll be cool" I said
We lay down on the chairClaire had a beautiful shaved pussyjust a little fur Strip over her navel()


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