One Last Hoorah Part 1

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There was a concert at the Beach House at 8: 30 We decided to go BonBon and United
We walked down to the beach hand in hand It was still light but the sycamore trees had already shaded the surrounding streets On the pedestrian street there were many people foreigners (mostly Germans) and Hungarians alike A lot of people were trying to get to the concert
We were running a little latethe show's already started We're in the crowd It was fun You were leaning on me and I put my arm around you You put your hands all over my neck and we started kissing It felt good to touch you and I could see that you felt the same way We'd listen to the concert for a while sometimes cuddled up Then I took your hand and pulled you out of the crowd You didn't really understand what I wanted at first but you got curious
It was gray It's gonna be dark soon I stopped on the waterfront by the stairs I took off my shoes and took off yours I was in shorts it was nice and warm that day I walked into the water with my shoe in my hand and called you to come in You kept looking at me wondering if I was crazy but you came after me anyway The water only went up to the ankles I turned around and started walking in That's when you noticed that in the water 50 paces away an artificial island was darkening That's where we were headed We went up the stairs and put our shoes down We were alone Close to the concert but away from everyone In one corner there was a palm tree We sat under it I looked into your eyes and saw it glistening like a fake I wonder what's on your mind : - )))
Meanwhile it got dark the stars came up The lights were on across the street Almadi Csopak Quail Tihany so many fireflies The water was flowing around us The band was playing a love lyric song I couldn't think of a more romantic moment Are you sure that's what you saw in my eyes or maybe something else? I Longed For You You came to me without saying a word and our lips tightened We kissed for a long time fondled each other From the background The Voice of United came towards us: - no autumn no winter only summer since you left Oh yeah At least I feel hot inside
I kissed your face I kissed your neck I bit your ear I licked my tongue inside and whispered in your ear " I want you my love" My touch made you tremble and I knew you wanted me you wanted me I took off your shirt and started kissing your boobs I used to play with my tongue on your nipples until they got really hard In the meantime you pulled my shirt off me and started biting my shoulders and my breasts It's very excited and my hand has moved down your body()


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