human slaughter slaughter

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This true story took place at the opening of our series of corporate events which I experienced 4 years earlier in 2007 The party after that actually
I met Betty a year earlier also about work Then she was working as a hostess for us at an exhibition I liked it at the time but for some reason I'm not here She was very pretty Dark brown mid-back hair Creole brown skin brown intelligent eyes His slender body was translucent through the bright lights through the white blouse he was wearing Under his black miniskirt every time he bent down he flashed his shapely thighs I used to fantasize about what his ass looked like and watch him see if I could get a little more under his skirt
Since she was good at her job we invited her to our next event as hostess
The opening was too long and too boring for that event I didn't pay much attention to the events but rather stole from Petty's slender figure admiring his pretty face It was late at night before that day's work was done and my colleagues decided to go out and have a little party and we invited the girls - because there were two of them After drinking of course we offered to drive them home and Petty got in the car with me In front of their house we had a little chat and I kissed him encouraged by the drink He asked me as if he resisted:
- What do you want?
I felt that he was actually enjoying it and I answered it in a silly way:
- Just the usual
I don't think he expected such a stupid answer so he laughed heartily as his white teeth glanced out of his mouth and repeated my answer with a smile I couldn't be held back and I kissed her again I caressed the inner part of his thigh and I moved up and up Then he grabbed my wrist:
- No I got it
My intoxicating brain has finally understood the situation
That night we kissed and talked a lot The next day of the event the air around us was hot I knew he wanted me too and I couldn't wait to take him home With a large detour: from GyÅ‘r to Budapest via Veszprém On the way I pulled over in a little forest clear where no one could see us We went at each other we kissed wildly he unbuttoned my pants and he was looking for my dick He caressed her groomed her through her underwear - and then my pants were off me Suddenly he leaned over the seat and started to excite him but the tissue was still between his mouth and my dick I was so turned on that my dick became stone hard and huge I've never seen him this big For a very long time he was excited through clothes and finally freed the Prancing Rod He reached under my testicles played with the balls a little bit and then he beat him to the beat She looked at me and smiled and looked at me I could almost see the desire in his eyes when he stumbled on it and started sucking it I stopped thinking rationally and I felt my dick in her sweet little mouth I couldn't believe this was happening to me
"Oh My God A beautiful goddess sucking my cock- It was all I could think about I wanted to return the favor immediately I decided to sit in the car and take off her panties I crawled between his legs and there was a beautiful sight It was already wet and her pussy smelled fantastic
My tongue glided along the lips from bottom to top and back The lips opened spectacularly revealing the chalice I was looking for her clitoris with my tongue and when I found her I was sucking a little rubbing crumbling between my lips Then I stuck my tongue in her pussy as deep as I could in and out His breath accelerated he breathed his body stretched when he came He thanked me with a kiss but he knew it wasn't over I haven't come yet I wanted to fuck her so bad my dick was so tenseshe bent over I looked at Detty in her deep brown eyes her face flushed He turned around and took a tiny position I pushed my spear from behind But the position and the situation didn't appeal to Betty He didn't want it in the car He put me on my back and started sucking Gently at first then a little more forcefully He put the sperm in his mouth and he didn't make a fuss he swallowed it()


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